Dear pregnant mum. This is coming your way, and I couldn’t be happier for you

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I see you waddling to your car outside the supermarket. And I smile.

I see another you at the cafe, your belly looking like it’s about to burst. And think, “nawww”.

I see a different you again riding the bus to work, a pregnancy app open on your phone that you’re balancing on your bump. And I want to slide up next to you and talk to you.

But I don’t.

I don’t because you don’t know me and that would be weird.

And yet, I do sort of know you. Not personally. But I was you once. Pregnant with my first baby and staring into a void, wondering what’s coming my way.

Well, let me tell you what’s coming your way – the good stuff, that is! After all, pregnancy is a time to be lifted up, not weighed down by anything other than your baby resting on your bladder.

The hard stuff you will discover in your own time, but let’s focus for a moment on the lovely stuff that will have you saying, “Oh, but it’s SO worth it,” while gazing at your baby.

Let me explain.

It’s the most profound love

You don’t know it yet. You can’t. But pretty soon you are going to fall so hard for your tiny baby.

This is a love you didn’t know was possible. It’s bigger than you. Greater than your understanding. And it will bowl you over. Like for six, as it has for every other mother. And yes, this will happen to you, too.

Now don’t worry if you don’t feel this tidal wave of love the second your squidgy newborn is placed on your chest. It might take some time, but I promise, I PROMISE you too will fall. And when you do, you’ll keep falling.


Happy mother kissing baby in hood

The gift that keeps on giving

This baby of yours, which you are doing a great job at baking right now, is actually a gift. But this present isn’t just arriving on your due date.

She is the gift that keeps on giving.

Getting to know her as she grows and develops, exploding your heart with the cute, time and time again, is what I’m talking about.

Oh, the cute! There will be times when you think your heart can’t handle any more!

baby massage

Your baby will guide you

Right now you might be reading all the books and maybe panicking that you will be clueless when it comes to, well, everything to do with your baby!

But I’ll let you in on a secret, you already know what to do. You may never have changed a nappy, but that’s not the stuff I mean (don’t worry, you’ll learn all of that on the job). I’m referring to your inner mum-gut, which will be nudging you to hold and rock your baby when she wails, or to do something else that feels ‘right’ for you.

And if you are ever unsure (and you will be, that’s just part of it), your baby will remind you to listen to that inner voice. So much of mothering is instinctual.

So you will be just fine! More than fine. Your baby has your back. But that said, do be aware of PND, it can hit any of us and there is always help at hand.

A new you

Life will be very different for you and your partner soon. But while you might miss the easiness of your old life, I guarantee you won’t want to swap it. Likewise, you will also be changed. But in the best possible way.

You will soon be someone’s mum. And you are still all of the other things too, but nothing will be as important to you than her.


Mother talking to toddler at the park feature

You will love this

Maybe not every moment of every day, but on the whole, you will adore being a mum.

Yes, motherhood is a hard slog. Yes, it takes everything from you. But this baby on the way will make it all worthwhile.

She is the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m so excited for you!

SO preggy lady with the bump in the supermarket, cafe and bus, I see you. And I am excited for you because I know what you can’t know yet.

The best is coming your way.


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