Silver Cross Junior Collection – only the best toy pram will do!

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Pretty soon, there’ll be as big a range of toy prams for toddlers to choose from as there are real prams for parents! Renowned quality pram maker Silver Cross has brought its Junior Collection to Australia, which includes wee versions of the Dazzle (look at the full-sized version next to the Junior version!), Ranger, 3D, X4 and Sleepover 4-in-1 models.

These types of toys are marketed primarily towards girls, but our little pram at home gets such a workout each day from the boys, I’d have no issue bringing one of these little beauties home. I’m not so sure the cats would be as thrilled though, as they are the main occupants.

The Dazzle will retail for $79.95, the Ranger Junior $99.95, the 3D and X4 will be $129 each, and the Sleepover $199. The Sleepover includes a bassinette, highchair and pushchair.

Browse the entire collection and purchase direct from Silver Cross.



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