Doudou: French for a beloved snuggly

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The most treasured item in a child’s life can be anything from a cute cuddly to a tatty old blanket (moi!) or a well-loved dolly. In France, this item is called a ‘doudou’ and it’s THE mission of parents to locate the perfect one before baby is born.

That’s where the French website Kayatine comes in. Dedicated to the art of doudous and started by a mother/daughter designer team, their little softies are just what modern parents ordered: cool patterns and fabric, unisex design and most importantly, very attractive to our wee ones.

Head to Kayatine to take a better look or snap one up for your new bundle of joy. Each doudou is priced at €13.50 and they will ship to Australia. Contact Kayatine for shipping prices. While there, don’t forget to check out their great range of clothing and French books.



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