Uggs are shoes: 6 kindy drop off fashion truths for parents

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Every morning it’s a mad dash to get my schoolboy to school, on time.

As we bolt to his classroom and he lines up outside with his friends JUST before the last bell rings, I let out a sigh of relief. We did it again.

Then I look around at all the other parents and giggle. Everyone in the lead up to that bell was as frazzled as me and dressed accordingly.

Here are some truths about the kindy and preschool drop off fashion worn by parents.

1. Uggs are shoes

On top of getting the kids ready, no parent has time to find socks for themselves to wear with a pair of proper shoes. As such, uggs, are totally acceptable for the kindy and preschool run.

2. Leggings all the way

Even if you aren’t going to the gym afterwards, leggings are your go-to kindy and preschool run attire. They are comfy, which explains why every mum is wearing them.

Teamed with a loose tee you’ve grabbed while searching for school clothes in the washing pile, and you are dressed.

The dad version of leggings is the favourite pair of shorts he wears over and over.

3. A sea of mum-buns

You (and every other mum) don’t have time to style your hair in the morning. As such, these days you rock a mum-bun, tying your mane up into a messy bun as you grab the keys and yell at the kids to, “Get in the car. We are going to be late!”

4. Work clothes abound

Those of us needing to race off to a place of work after the drop off stand out like sore thumbs. Not because there aren’t many at drop off, there’s actually a lot. But because these parents don’t look homeless – unlike the rest of us.

A working mum will be wearing a uniform, or just like, clean clothes. She will also be wearing makeup – even if this is just mascara and lip gloss (because she didn’t have time for any more than that this morning).

A working dad will also be wearing decent clothes and shoes (not uggs), or he’ll be rocking his tradie fluros and steel-capped boots.

5. Raincoats and gumboots for us too

On rainy days, as our little one’s don character raincoats and gumboots, we also adhere to wet weather gear. Although ours is the adult version we picked up from ALDI.

But yay, that raincoat will cover the jumper you grabbed off the floordrobe and probably needs a wash. Winning!

6. Slip-on shoes all the way

If not work shoes or uggs, the shoes you’ll see us wearing at the school or kindy gate are of the easy-to-put-on variety. I’m talking thongs, berks, slip-on flats and shoes that can be worn without socks. No one has time for buckles or laces during rush hour!

Our look is ‘effortless comfort’.

School drop is where actual fashion goes to die.


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