To my son’s lost water bottles: Where the hell are you?

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I guess there was always going to be something to lose.

I thought it would the hat, to be honest. We have form for losing hats around these parts. And strangely enough, undies.

But it wasn’t either of those things.

Just seven weeks into kindergarten and we have lost three water bottles.


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And counting …

The first one was bought in celebration. With money from grandma and pop, selected with painstaking attention to detail last witnessed while purchasing a Matchbox car.

It just never came home from school. You had “no idea” where it went.

The second one was bought at Woolies in a bit of a rushed Saturday morning grocery shop.

They were on special, and it came in red and black. A convincing enough combination to have me fool you into thinking it was a Spiderman bottle.

I mean, it could be

Between the first and second, I tried to sneak in your brother’s bottle from a trip earlier in the year to Dinosaur World. Pasting over his name with a crafty sticky label. Who’d know? I thought to myself.

Well YOU, as it turns out.

You woke up the next day and ripped it out of the side of your school bag, yelling: “That’s Lachie’s bottle, mum. It’s for babies!”  


And that’s how bottle number three came about

Bought in anger (mine) at the servo on the way to school.

It was $5. A veritable bargain. Given the $20 + spent on the previous two.

Except, forgive me plastic police because it is not BPA free.

In fact, there’s nothing that good about it except it was there and it was $5.

Which makes me feel like it will be the one to make it.

And least it better be.

What items has your kiddo lost already?

Let's talk: Lost school stuff!! We're already halfway through term 1 and we can't find a drink bottle in our house because they've all been lost at school! ?‍♀️?‍♀️ What items has your kiddo lost already?

Posted by Babyology on Sunday, 10 March 2019


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