She gets you: 8 truths about your truest and dearest mum-friend

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A good mum-friend will always have your back. And you will always have hers.

After all, sharing the most life-changing, wonderful but also sanity-sapping experience there is, will bond you in a pretty big way.

As such, she gets it. All of it. And she gets you.

Let me count the ways!

1. She knows how you take your coffee

You don’t have to tell her what sort of coffee you’d like when she texts, ‘coffee?’ on the drive to mother’s group. She knows.

Heck, you’ve been buying each other coffee since the day you realised caffeine is the only cure for those times when you feel hungover after a night of no sleep with a newborn.

2. She is more important than a tidy house

You guys stopped cleaning up for each other long ago.

In fact, her washing mountain and sink of plastic is what makes you each feel better about the state of your own messy home. You also know that hanging out, sharing and venting is more important for your mental health than a tidy house.

3. She never judges

When you grab the box of fish fingers and shove them in the oven because you can’t be arsed making a healthy dinner, and whatevs, it’s still fish, she doesn’t even bat an eyelid.

She also couldn’t care less that your three-year-old still has a dummy, because hers does too. Judgement is something those ‘other’ mums do. Not you guys.

4. She gets your kid too

Before you visit, she always hides the vacuum cleaner. She knows your little one is scared of it. She also knows he likes cars, so she digs a few out from the bottom of the toy crate, just for him to play with when he gets there.

5. She always texts instead of phones

You guys are fast with your fingers and text each other a lot. So often, that back in the day, this exchange would have been a simple phone call. But she knows your life with kids and that the phone will wake the baby. Also, she gets as interrupted as you do when trying to have a conversation.

Yep, text is best.

6. She knows to be ten minutes late

She understands that leaving the house never goes to plan. So she usually meets you ten minutes late, after she’s driven around the block because she forgot hats and suncream.

But she knows you are also going to be late too, probably by about ten minutes.

Child and mum playing

7. She keeps your dirty mum secrets

You confide in each other and so she knows about the time your baby rolled off the bed because you were checking Facebook on your phone. But she’d never tell your husband. Or your mother-in-law.

8. She is your lifesaver

You can’t count the number of times she’s saved your mum-butt. From giving from-the-heart encouragement when you need it most, to her passing you a nappy because you forgot to pack one, she’s always there for you. In every way.

And the truth is, you don’t actually know how you’d survive or enjoy this motherhood journey as much as you do, without her.


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