Khloé Kardashian says her baby girl made all the heartbreak worthwhile

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Khloé Kardashian says that despite the year of heartbreak she’s endured, it all feels worthwhile when she looks at her baby True.

“She is my heart and my soul!”

Khloé’s relationship with pro basketball player Tristan Thompson officially ended several weeks ago, when it was revealed that he was toying with the idea of a relationship with Kylie Jenner’s then best friend, Jordyn Woods. Jordyn and Tristan were seen canoodling at a party and Khloé drew a line in the sand and decided to move on.

She’s been grappling with all the complex emotions that surround a break-up since then, blaming Jordyn, than apologising for that … and ultimately deciding that her family’s break-up was down to one person and one person only. Tristan. #truth

During this period Khloé’s been popping up on Twitter quite sporadically, making short statements about her split. But yesterday she spent a little longer on the platform, replying to comments from well-wishers and chatting about her toddler daughter.

Fans were delighted to hear that Khloé seemed to be in a much better place, and loved hearing more about life with her almost one-year-old.

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“She will definitely be on the show”

One follower was very excited about the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians because it would offer some further glimpses of True.

“I can’t wait to see more moments of you and True on KUWTK,” they wrote.

“She will definitely be on the show,” Khloe replied. “But I try to not post her that much because I don’t want to bug the f*ck out of you guys LOL. I know most people don’t care about other people’s kids but I can’t help it LOL.”

“Baby True is absolutely adorable!” another follower posted. “Every time I see photos of her I smile! Thank you for sharing!”

“Thank you so much for saying that!” a stoked Khloé responded. “She is my heart and my soul!”

“True made it all worth it”

Others were keen to let Khloé know their thoughts – and hearts – are with her.

“I genuinely hope Khloé meets someone one day that treats her with the respect she deserves. She’s been through more shiddy relationships than any one person deserves. At least she got baby True.”

“Baby True made it all worth it,” Khloé admitted in response. “Thank you for your beautiful message.”

“Can you believe that Baby True will be one soon?!” someone else mused. “It’s gone so fast, she’s so beautiful Khlo.”

“No I can’t lol,” was Khloé’s answer. “It makes me so sad. Where did the time go?”

True will turn one next month, navigating her first birthday with her parents living apart. We’re guessing that Khloé will strive to include Tristan in the celebrations, as she’s said she’s determined not to put True in the middle of their relationship strife.

This seems like the very best approach, and we hope that they can find some common co-parenting ground sooner rather than later.


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