Khloé Kardashian opens up about co-parenting after infidelity

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Khloé Kardashian is mum to a one-year-old daughter named True with ex-partner and pro basketball player Tristan Thompson.

Chaos and celebrations

The couple split last year after a series of cheating scandals left Khloé broken-hearted and keen to move on, without the chaos that life with Tristan was bringing.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Tristan’s late night hook-up with Khloé’s sister Kylie’s best friend (got that?!).

It happened just before True’s first birthday, and a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians shows that Khloé understandably struggled to balance her own feelings with what was best for her daughter.

Close friends and family were keen to advise Khloé on the best way forward, with a furious (at Tristan) Kim Kardashian telling her sister that she should cut him out of her life for now.

Khloé’s mum Kris Jenner, on the other hand, begged her daughter to include Tristan in baby True’s celebration.

Kris thought that it was best for Khloé to begin co-parenting as positively as possible, for the sake of tiny True. She urged her to put aside their personal conflict, give toddler True a special day and record some special memories for the wee girl to look back on.

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Khloé – who is notoriously big-hearted and reasonable – decided Kris was right.

She invited True’s daddy to the giant birthday party, and did her best to keep things civil despite lots of swirling family tension.

On Twitter Khloé admitted that while she took a family portrait with Tristan and “[looked] really calm at [True’s] party” she was actually “nauseous and filled with anxiety the entire day.

Looking back on the event, as she launched the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloé said inviting Tristan and spending time with him for True’s sake was the right thing to do.

“Sometimes our personal emotions get in the way of what is best,” Khloé tweeted during the episode’s US airing.  “I’m so happy I didn’t allow that to happen for the sake of True.”




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