Aww! The cute way Prince Harry is making pregnant life easier for Meghan

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Pregnant Meghan Markle is being doted on by Prince Harry and we love him for it.

According to reports, Prince Harry is ensuring Meghan is happy and rested during her pregnancy, and brings her breakfast in bed EVERY MORNING to make sure of it.

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Too cute!

An insider told Life & Style magazine:

“Harry will bring her tea and breakfast in bed. They go over their schedule and then take a stroll in the gardens together before Meghan does her daily prenatal yoga”.

As if we could love Prince Harry any more than we already do, right??

Bring on 2019 …

The royal couple is expecting their first baby together in 2019, although the exact due date isn’t known yet. Meghan is positively glowing and has been spotted cradling her blossoming bump on more than one occasion.

As for the baby’s name, there’s sure to be a worldwide discussion on the final choice. However, as royal tradition dictates, we won’t know the baby’s official name until a few days after the birth, when the Queen has been informed. 

I think it’s safe to say there won’t be any more exciting news in 2019 than when this royal baby arrives.


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