Next Top Toddler: Tyra Banks reveals her two-year-old is actually a genius

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Tyra Banks’ little boy York turned two in January, and the America’s Next Top Model host says he’s MUCH smarter than the average preschooler.

“My son is amazing”

The author, entrepreneur, model and TV presenter told People Magazine her son is streaks ahead of his peers. Not content with knowing the basics of the colour wheel, young York is exploring more nuanced shades, according to this proud mum.

“My son is amazing with his colors. He has friends in his classes that are like ‘re-re-red’ and my son is already up to silver and rose and rose gold.” 

But that’s not all … “He has been counting to 20 since he was 18 months,” Tyra confirms. “So he’s really, really smart.”

“Really, really smart”

It’s plain to see that the competitive nature of ANTM has spilled over into real life, with York now America’s Next Top Toddler, in his mama’s eyes at least!

“He speaks Spanish, Norwegian and English,” Tyra went on, but she wants us to know that he’s also very normal in other ways. Sort of a relatable genius, if you will ..!

“He’s a smart one — but he’s still crazy and damn near rolling on the floor and not listening to me most of the time!”

“My little treasure”

Tyra has been dating Norwegian photographer Erik Asla on and off for the last few years. The pair’s son York Banks Asla was born with the help of a surrogate in January 2016.

“We are so excited for our new baby boy bundle of joy,” she said following York’s birth. “The journey to now has not been an easy process, as I’ve shared before. But there was a beautiful bright light at the end of the tunnel for me and his father, Erik.”

“As I gaze into the beautiful eyes of my son, I think about all the people who struggle with fertility or carrying a child and continue to pray for them every day. My hopes and dreams are filled with well wishes that they get to feel what my little treasure, York Banks Asla, feels like in my arms.”

Tyra has another new baby, too. Well. Sort of. She’s just released a book called Perfect Is Boring! You might like to get your mitts on it, if you’d like to hear more about Tyra-life and geniuses and things.


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