Kate Ritchie’s TV mum and her real life daughter make magic in the kitchen

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Kate Ritchie’s daughter Mae and her TV mum, actor Debra Lawrance, were busy bee-ing it in the kitchen over the weekend – and the photo is just too much!

You know we belong together …

Bespectacled kitchen hand/cook Debra Lawrance played Kate’s mum, Pippa, in beloved TV series Home and Away. The pair are still firm friends, having spent much of Kate’s childhood working together amidst the beautiful backdrop of the fictional Summer Bay.

Kate and Debra spent Saturday night in the kitchen with the next generation — and a very large number of strawberries. While it’s not clear what Mae and Debra were making (pavlova topping? strawberry jam? strawberry shortcake?), it is clear that they were having a lovely time, appearing to be chatting away as hulls are removed and berries are carefully taste-tested.

A small price to pay?

Kate is mum to three-year-old Mae, her daughter with husband, St George Illawarra Dragons player, Stuart Webb, and it’s not the only super-cute photo she’s shared of late. She posted the above adorable image of Mae diving headfirst into a showbag last weekend. Her excitement is palpable and has us itching feverishly for a Bertie Beetle and a ping-pong ball to pop in a clown’s mouth!

“I’ll pay $28 for a bag of pink and blue junk every day of the week to watch the magical song and dance that followed,” Kate posted under the photo, confirming that a) this year’s showbags are full of the same nonsense as usual and b) that we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Mae’s popping up more and more on Kate’s Instagram account, since the radio presenter and actor vowed to celebrate her daughter and ignore the naysayers late last year. We can’t say we mind one bit.

In related news, Kate’s currently appearing in a new Jockey undies campaign, promoting smalls that will look cute AND (hopefully) not wedgie the heck out of your rear end. See for yourself, below!


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