Kate Ritchie found a real life mermaid in her bathtub: “It’s a miracle”

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Kate Ritchie’s weekend was adorably punctuated by the cutest little mermaid we ever did see! She shared her find with Instagram followers, confirming that — as the bumper sticker says — magic truly does happen.

It’s a-Mae-zing!

“A mermaid in the Southern Highlands?” an incredulous Kate posted. She hashtagged a snap of the mythical and mini creature in question with #itsamiracle and #weekendhighlight and #atleastitgotherinthebath

The mermaid in question is Mae, the three-year-old daughter Kate shares with her husband, St George Illawarra Dragons player, Stuart Webb. 

It’s not the first time we’ve been treated to Mae’s tub time antics and we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, Kate shared a delightful clip of her water baby daughter belting out a Frozen-inspired tune with her bubbly friends.

“Embrace the day”

Kate spoke to Kinderling Kids Radio last year about how her daughter has transformed her life.

“What I enjoy most about [motherhood] is what Mae has really taught me. She has just taught me that you have to embrace the day. A little person doesn’t allow you not to embrace the day.”

“Parenthood is a real leveller, we’re all the same. Yes, our lives are different in lots of ways, but the fundamentals are all the same.”

“Having children is a wonderful distraction from yourself, and also opens up a brand-new world that is far greater than anything,” she recently told Stellar Magazine.

A lifetime of scrutiny

Kate was just eight years old when she first graced our screens, in Home and Away in 1987.

A more grown-up Kate began dating St George Illawarra Dragons player, Stuart Webb in 2008. They married in 2010 and Mae was born in 2014.

The tabloids appear to be continuing to hound Kate pretty mercilessly, keen to diagnose the health of her marriage for a click-bait headline.

While she addressed the rumours in her Stellar interview, it seems that this sort of speculation is going to endure. Kate insists she’s not letting it bother her.

“It doesn’t hurt my feelings, not anymore. I think in the old days it did. There’s no point in getting bogged down about what other people think is happening in my life.”


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