Justin Trudeau’s 3-year-old is the most mischievous, horizontal diplomat ever

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Everybody’s favourite head of state, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, toured India with his family in February, and while (the other) JT was most certainly a popular presence, it was his then three-year-old son who stole the show.

We’re here for Hadrien

Justin and wife Sophie are parents to 10-year-old Xavier, nine-year-old Ella-Grace and the aforementioned (now four-year-old) Hadrien.

Hadrien quickly gathered an army of supporters as he gesticulated, lounged, wriggled and finally horizontally undulated through what must have been an exhausting (and possibly boring) series of official events.

Fans of the little boy promptly turned him into a meme, uploading Hadrien behaving “badly” snaps to social media and declaring him their leader and “spirit animal”.

Hadrien says “nope”

It was a week long trip and not only did the Canadian Prime Minister break new ground diplomatically, he allowed us to catch a relatable glimpse into the many moods of his youngest (very adorable) child.

At times Hadrien was pensive. Sometimes he was jolly. And at other times he was not suffering fools and most definitely not here for anyone’s protocol-charged nonsense.

The common thread that delighted Twitter users and newfound fans was that this little boy was jubilantly offering his authentic self up to the world. This proved that a) he’s a chip off the old Trudeau block and b) that no matter what walk of life or part of the world you are from, preschoolers will be preschoolers and they’re not here for any of your boring bulldust.

Especially if you have dragged them halfway across the world.

Brokering peace

Hadrien’s legions of fans across the globe are applauding the preschooler’s commitment to living his best life and have in fact dubbed him their “zero effs” ultimate hero.

Hadrien himself has possibly moved on and may currently be in talks aimed at getting Russia to calm the heck down, although these rumours are as yet unconfirmed.

Watch this space.



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