Dear Mummy, this is how I really feel after a long day at preschool

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Dear Mummy,

Thank you for picking me up from preschool just now. Seeing you is the best part of my day. I love it when you fold me up in your safe arms and I can smell you again. You are MY mummy and no one smells like you. You are my everything and I’ve missed you. I’m so happy to see you again!

I might be a little teary because I haven’t seen you all day, but you should know I’ve had a really fun time! I’ve done so many cool things, but right now I just want to be cuddled by you and have your special mummy-ness wash over me.   

But please Mummy, I don’t want to talk

Please don’t ask me heaps of questions about what I did while we drive home, like who I played with, what I made for craft or what I ate for lunch. You can ask me one of those questions, and I might answer it if it’s easy, but my brain is fried from my busy day and it’s finally quiet now here in the car. Kindy with all those little friends of mine squealing, chattering and making noise is really, really loud! I just want to stare out the window, look for concrete trucks and be soothed by the gentle hum of the car engine. It relaxes me and I need to unwind after my stimulating day.

Can I please watch some telly?

I know you said you need to go to the shops to pick up a few things but I just want to go home and chill for a bit. The shops are even more noisy than kindy. All those beeping sounds and bright lights really mess with my head. So can we please just go straight home? Don’t worry about dinner. There are eggs in the fridge.

Also, I know you are worried about me having too much screen time, because you love me and always want to do the best by me, but please Mummy, I’ve been running around all day with my friends and the last thing I feel like doing is ‘playing outside’.

My wonderful teachers have also introduced me to so many new things (I learnt five new words that start with the letter S today and that an octopus has eight legs – that’s a lot of legs!). I’ve played with puzzles, built a Mobolo rocket, painted a rainbow using five different colours and made ‘moon sand‘ from flour and oil – so much fun! ‘

I also had to sit still for story time (and you know how hard I find that) and I had to turn on my ‘listening ears’ so I could play Simon Says. I also had to remember a bunch of things today – like that I need to say ‘excuse me’ every time I talk to a teacher, and to flush and wash my hands with soap after going to the loo. So now, I just want to zone out. I know you feel the same way after you kiss me goodnight. I need some down time, I need Peppa Pig!

I’m really hungry

Yes, I ate at kindy (and it was yummy! I love those sugar-free muffins and the cut up fruit that we get) but I was so distracted by my little buddies that I didn’t eat enough. I’m really hungry now. I know you don’t want me to spoil my dinner, but on preschool days, I do need a little afternoon snack. Maybe we can have a late dinner tonight? Please Mummy?

I feel like being a baby 

I know I’m a big boy who goes to preschool now, but after a day at kindy, I’m spent. I want to be a baby again because you mother me when I get all cuddly. So I think I’ll be needy tonight. I’ll probably whine and whinge and I might even insist that you spoon feed me my dinner. Sure, I can use the Spiderman spoon and fork myself, but I like sitting on your lap and pretending I’m small again.

I also want you to cuddle me off to sleep. I want you to lie next to me so I can smell you. Maybe you could pat my back and sing me that song you used to sing me when I was tiny? That one about closing my eyes? I still remember it and it soothes me.

Tonight I want to feel like your baby again. Being a big boy is tiring and it sometimes stresses me out a bit. I don’t know how to be one, I’m having to learn, but I do know how to be a baby. I want to grow up but I also don’t want to just yet. I’d like to be able to cut with grown-up scissors and even drive a car one day (that would be cool!), but I think I will stay little for a bit longer. Until I am ready to take the next step by myself, can you please wait for me? I’ll get there. 

Mummy, I’m growing up, but I still want to be your baby for a time, and that time is almost over. Let’s enjoy it for as long as we can.

I love you, Mummy

x x x

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