Dax Shepard’s 3-year-old forced him to be a “little sister” and we’re delighted

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Thank the lord for actor Dax Shepard’s kids, who have just forced their dad into a humiliating adorable game of let’s pretend.

The princess diaries

Let’s face it, Dax Shepard cuddling teddies in a bunk bed wearing a tiara is the gift you didn’t know you needed today. In fact “Dax Shepard cuddling teddies in a bunk bed wearing a tiara” is probably a red-flag search term on a watch list at an intelligence organisation near you. 

No judgement here if you’re into this kind of thing, though, as we push wanly into the tail end of the week after that now long-gone Easter break. Dax Shepard is the perfect pick-me-up at lacklustre times like these.

Dax is married to fellow actor Kristen Bell and the pair are parents to two daughters – four-year-old Lincoln and three-year-old Delta.

Dax Shepard is a princess

Your new phone wallpaper. You’re welcome.

“Damn was she strict!”

Dax shared the (above) truly excellent photo on his Instagram, explaining how this very advanced game of “let’s pretend” was playing out. 

“In this scenario I’m ‘Little Sister'” Dax explained, “and my 3 year old daughter was ‘Big Brother.’ My 5 year old was ‘Mommy’ and damn was she strict.”

I think we’ve all been here. Dax’s followers had, it’s clear, because they began leaving appreciative and sympathetic stories detailing their own preschool role play, in the comments under his photo.

“Do princesses sleep with their tiaras on?” Ben Falcone (who is married to Melissa McCarthy) queried. “As someone who’s been in similar scenarios, these are the questions I ponder.” 

Dax Shepard

A life of crime

Others reported cases of mistaken identity during “let’s pretend” – “Lately my three year old will wander around saying ‘Mommy. Mommy!’ I say ‘what?’ And he replies ‘I’m not talking to you.'”

Some theorised that these kind of games are the gateway drug to a life of crime. “When my almost-3-year-old is ‘Mama’ it’s less so he can boss me around and more so that he has the authority to do something he thinks I won’t let him do.”

We’re not quite sure if THAT is totally accurate, but we do know that Dax’s princess face is our unequivocal new favourite thing. We’re pondering making it our profile pic, in fact.

Godspeed to all the “little sisters” out there!

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