5 reasons four-year-olds are fabulous

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I’ve been reflecting recently on how fast time really passes when you’re the parent of a small human. While some days seem so long, as a whole, they really do fly. One minute you’re in the throes of passionate disagreements about sock colours and back-arching, screaming tantrums, the next, you’re enjoying not having to negotiate the placement of cutlery on the table or wash the same shirt for its fourth consecutive wearing.

Now that the uber-challenging “threenager” stage of development (the longest stage by far) has finally passed, I find myself thoroughly enjoying my time spent with my four-year-old daughter. Although it didn’t happen like the flick of a switch, her increasing maturity and overall, well, adorableness just has me doing all the #hearteyes.

So here are the things I love about my kindergartener the most: 

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1. Her joy in simple things

The other day it was raining (again) and instead of feeling upset about another wet day, my daughter exclaimed that she loved rainy days most because it was “when the trees were the happiest”. Like, what even? Can you even comprehend such cuteness?! Instead of feeling put-out, she revelled in the excitement that was pulling on her rainbow gumboots and raincoat as she pulled me outside for a stomp in the rainy puddles. During our trip outside in the rain we found beautiful coloured leaves and picked some flowers too. I love how her happiness stems so naturally from such everyday things; it gives me a lot to aspire to.

2. Her determination

Now, I could tell you that my daughter’s perseverance and determination is challenging and while that wouldn’t be a lie, it’s also just one way to look at it. Instead of viewing her determination to buckle her seatbelt up (which takes about five times as long compared to when I do it for her) as frustrating, I’m choosing to view it as an admirable personality trait. When my kindergartener puts her mind to do something, she pursues it ruthlessly until she masters it.  

3. Her cuddliness

Four-year-olds are caught in that pretty delightful stage of not quite being a “big kid” but not really being a toddler anymore, either. And one super positive part of this that I have found with my daughter, is her willingness to give me a big snuggle – and regularly. I love the way she is more than happy to curl up in my arms and give me all her love so freely. I love the way she wraps her arms around my shoulders when she hugs me goodnight, and when she squeezes my cheeks with her darling little hands – my heart melts!

 4. Her thirst for knowledge

“Tell me why the clouds go grey, Mama”

“Why do we get goosebumps?”

“How far is a metre?”

At this wonderful age, my daughter’s desire to understand her world is strong. I’m continually being asked *all* of the questions by her, and I have to admit – I don’t always have the answers! My kindergartener’s thirst for knowledge and innate curiosity has me in raptures, though, and reminds me to see the world through her eyes. She’s taking so much in, much of which we as adults take for granted.

 5. Her love of a good cupcake

When the days all turn to s#!t, sometimes there’s really nothing better than a little cupcake to make everything good again. My darling-hearted kindergartener’s top tip for remedying any disaster situation is a visit to the shop down the road that sells the prettiest (and yummiest) cupcakes you ever did see. They even get topped with rose petals! Something about sitting down to eat chocolate cake on a fancy plate really does make the world seem like a good place again, after all.

So to all the parents out there who are at their wits-end from the shenanigans that their three-year-olds are pulling – I’m telling you, hang in there! It gets better, a lot better … for everyone. And hey – there’s always cake. 


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