What lies beneath: Dad’s photo of things lurking under car seat strikes a chord

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Anyone who has ever had a child’s car seat in their vehicle knows they’re magnets for a mind-boggling array of bits and bobs …

“You’ve got a whole breakfast there”

I took the cover off my son’s car seat

… So when this Reddit dad shared evidence of what he’d retrieved from beneath his child’s car seat, we understood (and to be honest, it didn’t even look that bad!)

“I took the cover off my son’s car seat,” Don Antwan wrote in a possibly shame-tinged post, uploading the above Cheerio-laden image as proof. We think there might be some goldfish crackers and French fries in there, too?

Other parents were quick to offer support, debriefing with their own tales of what lies beneath and possible benefits.

“I bought a used car last year with an electronic third row seat. As the sales guy hit the button to fold the seats down, a pile of goldfish and mangled granola bar fell out from between the two seats. My wife and I burst out laughing,” Reddit user crazyninjanick recounted.

“Add a few fruit snacks in there and half of a graham cracker and it exactly what I find under my kids’ covers,” Charlie_Blue_Bear posted.

“Add some milk and you’ve got a whole breakfast there,” Reddit user Steev182 pointed out helpfully.

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We’re learning a lot

Some parents said their car seats posed some unfathomable horrors and brain teasers.

“Now just imagine cleaning them out of the seat after they’ve been soaked in pee. thats how i spent my day off a while back,” user uneaqs wrote.

“I’m not sure if I found old grapes, or new raisins under my seat,” ZMpunk posted, raising a whole new chicken-and-egg type dilemma.

This dad’s child was still quite little apparently, so he hadn’t quite levelled up to the sort of pro-litter many parents find tucked away.

Some parents pointed out that the image was missing items like: die-cast cars, forgotten hot dogs, crackers and long-lost toys.

Someone else urged the dad to return the items because they might come in handy:

“Put them all back! Those are future snacks for when you’re starving him to death during a routine 5 minute car ride because you forgot his snacks on the counter. They just get hard. They’ll last longer.”

Um. No.


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