Keeping it real: 9 things MUMS deserve reward chart gold for

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The other day my toddler did a poo IN THE TOILET, and as a result he earned three gold stars for his sticker chart. Three! But why should little people get all the stars?

We think mums deserve more than a few, too. Here are 9 things mums deserve sticker chart star gold for. 

1. Packed the daycare bags the night before

As a result of doing this, the morning “get everyone out the door on time dance” went smoothly. Plus, you only had to holler “put your undies on” three times, before chasing your little monkeys around the house with a toothbrush. 

2. Got out of the house, period

Gold stars for all the new mums who felt like crap and still managed to get out of their PJs and walk to the cafe (despite having a baby who DOES. NOT. SLEEP!)

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3. Had both tissues AND toilet paper in the house

This is worthy of a sticker because it means that you a) did the week’s shopping, and b) haven’t been using tissues for toilet paper and toilet paper to wipe snotty noses. Champ!

4. Switched on the slow cooker in the morning

Another star for the mum who not only bought all the ingredients for a slow-cooked beef casserole, but also remembered to switch on the crock pot in the morning before she went to work. AND she came home to a house smelling like a country kitchen after kindy pick up. Gold.

5. Folded AND put the laundry away

This one deserves praise because actually folding and putting away the clothes means this mum wasn’t digging through the washing basket (and subsequently feeling disorganised), as she searched for yet another clean onesie/bra/sock. #Genius

Baby in washing pile

6. Didn’t lose your sh*t over the kids not sitting in their car seats

If you managed to buckle your kids into the car, while running 20 minutes late, and managed to keep your cool … then step right up to that chart! Gold star for you!

7. Left the house with kids wearing matching socks

Total pro move. Any mum who managed to leave the house with her kids wearing matchy-matchy socks is totally on top of her game. We’re so inspired by you.

8. Played with your kids 

If you managed to push the pull of other things – like the washing that needs bringing in or emails that need replying to – aside so you can build a train track for your toddler or roll a ball back and forth to your baby, then kudos to you. The juggle is real.

9. Had a gosh darned shower

Place two gold stars on your chart if you managed to have a shower today. You squeaky-clean, freshly-showered, inspirational bloomin’ show-off! 

Didn’t do any of the above? Then give yourself the whole stupid sheet of gold stars, and also pour a glass of vino. You deserve it.

This means you’ve probably had a hectic day of mumming, and despite dropping a few balls – or all of them – you made it through.  Know what? In the eyes of your little ones, you are still number one! Despite odd socks and meltdowns! You deserve all of the gold glory, and then some. 


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