12 vintage photos that prove we’re all helicopter parents now

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In ye olden days, things like seat belts, child health and safety were not prioritised the way they are today. Luckily some clever types have documented those good old days so that we can appreciate our own intensive, helicopter parenting a little more – and thank God and the government there are now laws in place to stop kids from, you know, sliding out of their cradles and onto car floors.

As far as we know, no kids were harmed in the making of these images. But what we do know is that sometimes, it’s only after terrible consequences that we learn, “Yeah, wow, maybe I should have kept that beer away from my toddler.”

1. They grow up so quickly …

 Princess Yvonne and Prince Alexander, by Princess Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn 1955

2. Grandma seatbelt

My mother and grandmother demonstrating safety standards in the 1960s. from r/OldSchoolCool


3. Safety, schmafety

Car seat safety in 1958. Not strapped in to anything, these seats relied on the mother to put her arm out and stop the baby from falling forward. from r/OldSchoolCool

4. Peak Straya


5. What could go wrong?

A couple ice skating with their baby, 1937 from r/OldSchoolCool

6. Sparklers for everyone!

My dad showing off his parenting skills 1985 from r/OldSchoolCool

7. Hello tiger!

Just A Photo of Yours Truly (at 11 yrs.) Petting a Full Grown Tiger. My Mom Calls it Her “Bad Parenting Moment” from r/pics

8. Owls are the new puppies

A little girl with three owls, 1925. from r/OldSchoolCool

9. Just like Nanna

me at age 2 or so, stole one of my grandmas parliaments and it is unlit, grandpas bird dog looking quite concerned over the matter 1973 from r/OldSchoolCool

10. Uh, try to keep swimming?

The pinnacle of parenting: 1930s swimming lesson. from r/WTF

11. Drink up!

My mom showing off her parenting skills 1978 from r/OldSchoolCool

12. No need to be alarmed, kids

Blig Blurgd from r/WTF


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