These vintage Hollywood mamas show just how much things have changed

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And how things have changed since these hardworking, glamorous women had small children. We’re no longer setting our hair and rarely zipping ourselves into circle skirts or fastening pearls around our throats.

We also tend not to park our babies in the sunshine, in their prams or dip their dummies in whisky for a decent night’s sleep. Phew.

It must be said, however, that we’re all still working like devils to keep our families and ourselves happily afloat. We’re also still pondering what being a mother, woman and partner should entail.

Glam squad

Take a peek at these famous Hollywood mums from ye-olden-days and behold the work-life balance struggle in its early years. Not only were women under pressure to be glamorous and cordial hostesses and wives, they needed to do it while raising perfectly presented, nice mannered little people – and possibly earning a crust too.

Let’s all count our lucky stars that Netflix and yoga pants were invented. Let’s also be thankful that parenting is now (hopefully) shared a little more equally between parents –  and that many women are now free to define their own roles without too much insane pressure to have neat hair, a nicely-set table and perfectly turned-out frocks/babies.

1. Elizabeth Taylor and children Michael, Christopher and Liza (and husband Mike Todd)

Elizabeth Taylor and children

Toni Frissell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons : Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd

2. Lana Turner and daughter Cheryl

Lana Turner

3. Lucille Ball with Lucie and Desi (and husband Desi Arnaz)

Lucille Ball and family


4.  Judy Garland and baby Liza

Judy Garland

5. Joan Crawford and daughter Christina

Joan Crawford and Christina

6. Jayne Mansfield with husband Mickey Hargitay and children Jayne, Mickey and Zoltan

Jayne Mansfield

7. Lauren Bacall and daughter Leslie Bogart

Lauren Bacall

8. Audrey Hepburn and son Sean

Audrey Hepburn and son


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