War veteran reminds us why we should bring our ‘noisy kids’ to ANZAC services

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A war vet has sent an urgent message to parents worried about their noisy little ones causing a disturbance at Anzac Day services, and he has a very good point.

Please bring them

A two-tour Afghanistan Veteran and dad, David Wilson, took to Facebook on the weekend to post this message:

It's recently come to my attention that some parents although they would like to attend a dawn service, wont because of…

Posted by David Wilson on Saturday, 20 April 2019

He writes how it’s recently come to his attention that some parents, although they may like to, won’t attend a dawn service.

They won’t because of the “likelihood that their little ones may make noise or fidget during the minute silence and cause embarrassment or offend someone,” he says.

What’s important

But the solider goes on to remind us all about what’s important and also gives an insight into what’s going through the hearts and minds of those who have served on Anzac Day.

“When I close my eyes during that minute’s silence it’s the cries of the little ones in the crowd that make it so special to me,” he writes.

“It’s the reason why myself and so many of my fellow veterans and ultimately our fallen heroes gave their time, service and lives for. Their families. Their countrymen.”

“To not hear the babies/children’s voices and cries and the tutts from their mothers and fathers during this special occasion would not be, and never has been an offence to myself or anyone I know.”

Girl with red poppy in hair

How will we remember them?

He then goes on to question how the Anzac memory will live on if we parents don’t include our little ones in it. 

“How will we Remember Them if the little ones aren’t there to carry the memory?” he questions.

“So, this ANZAC Day please bring your little ones. Bring them that they may see the men and women with their fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters and even their own medals worn proudly on their chests.”

“So that they hear the stories told of long-ago battles and heroic deeds. So that they will remember and carry on their stories to their own children’s children,” the post finishes.

Posted by David Wilson on Sunday, 23 December 2018

Thank you for your service

David’s post has resonated with people far and wide. At the time of writing it has 8.3k shares, 13k likes and over 965 comments.

While most of the comments have thanked David for his service, many have said how much they appreciated his words.

“Well said thank you, I agree so much children are why we try every day to make the world a happy place,” said one.

“Well said my bro! It’s BECAUSE of their sacrifices we can hear their little voices and that’s why we are all here,” added another.

Does not take away from the solemnity

The acting national RSL chair, John King, has echoed David’s post.

“It [the noise of children] doesn’t take away from the solemnity at all, in fact, it reminds you that you do it for your family, your friends, and community and country,” King told 7NEWS.com.au.


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