Totally wild! This baby’s hair is so awesome it has its own Instagram account

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Some babies are born completely hairless, others have a mild fuzz, while others are completely bald for their first year or two … and then, there’s this kid.

Seriously, @babychanco was born with the wildest mane we’ve ever seen and by the time she was six months old, she had enough hair – and Instagram followers – to make us green with envy!

Talk about hair FOMO. Trust us, you need to stop what you’re doing and look at these pics on her insta ‘hair diary.’ NOW!

Nope, not a wig

You’d be forgiven for thinking this incredible hair was actually a wig but no, it’s all Babychanco’s and she rocks it like a superstar! This was her at four months and the first snap to grace her fabulous account. 

Hair raising

No wonder she’s so good at tummy time. If she puts her head down it’ll be like she’s got a blanket over her head. And how soft does her hair look all freshly brushed like that? We want to touch it. And clone it.

Big hair, don’t care!

This looks like an illustration from a Where’s Wally? picture book – is there actually a baby in there?! Imagine the confused looks when the mum is out and about!

Model mane

Oh, hi there! Look at how cute I am sitting so casually here on this couch with my amazing locks and adorable little eyes. I know what the people want, they want more pictures of me and my gorgeous hair!!

I woke up like this

Nothing can tame this mane, not even lying down flat in bed! Check it out in all its glory – talk about the ultimate bed head! The only time when going to sleep actually makes your hair BETTER. Man, we are so jelly.


Move over Emma Wiggle. This hair was MADE for bows. And clips. Just don’t ever put a hat on this kid though because this kind of beauty should NEVER be covered up. No wonder she has 370,000 followers!

Loving all the locks

SO MUCH HAIR. So much cuteness. Dying right now. We’re only going to say one more thing, Babychanco – don’t EVER cut your awesome hair. The world needs it! 


This post was first published on 23 July 2018

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