“That’s precious!”: All the ways my kids are oblivious to the loo paper crisis

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If seeing the toilet paper aisle completely bare has instilled in you a sense of ‘we have to use what we have sparingly’, you are not alone.

Australia has gone panic-purchasing mad when it comes to loo paper!

Many households are counting their remaining rolls and wondering if they’ll make it to the day when their supermarket is finally restocked – before the hoarders get a whiff of the new supplies, that is!

Well almost everyone. Our kids are completely oblivious …

Didn’t get the memo

While the rest of Australia is under toilet paper rations – “two packs per transaction” – our little kids DID NOT get the memo.

They are wasting it by the truckload. The TRUCKLOAD, I tell you. I mean, it’s almost like they think toilet paper grows on trees. Oh, hang on …

Here’s some examples.

Toilet paper nudie runs

Does your little one like to do a lap of the house, holding onto the end of the loo paper so it leaves a streamer of white behind him? And does he also like to do this in the nude, because meh, clothes?

Yes? Then you have a little toilet paper bandit on your hand, and possibly a nudist.

PLACE THOSE ROLLS OUT OF REACH, Mama! We are in crisis.

Toilet paper

Using it as a teddy bear bandage

Did you know toilet paper when rolled around a teddy bear’s arm and secured with sticky tape makes a an excellent bandage when playing hospital?


Well, your kids do.

As Band-Aids are less precious than toilet paper these days, you might want to tell the kids that Teddy just has a cut. A Band-Aid, or even just a kiss, will fix him right up!

Pulling it to get to the roll

Then there are those little toilet paper tossers, who mindlessly pull all the remaining paper, then FLUSH it (oh, the horror), just to get to the prized roll!

Sigh, They are doing this so they can make binoculars with the another roll sitting in the recycling box, or some other toilet paper roll crafts.

Toilet paper is precious, guys!


Toilet Roll Animals

Using waaaaay more than they need

Little ones REALLY like to make sure their bottoms are clean. Like, “Look at my bottom. Is it clean?” clean.

They like to wipe, toss, pull, tear, wipe again and then repeat, a few times.

So we need to teach them to only use what’s needed. And by what they need, we mean what we know they need. We have to police and be on watch. And, if need be, we even need take over the bottom-wiping that we’ve worked so hard to get them to start doing for themselves.

We just can’t afford for them to use up that last roll!



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