Don’t throw it out! Five cute crafts to make from a toilet roll

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How many toilet rolls do you toss in the recycling bin each week? A lot, right. Why not save a few and have a fun crafternoon with your little ones making these cute things from toilet rolls? Here are five to choose from.

1. Bee happy bee

Transform an ordinary toilet roll into a cute buzzy bee with this idea from Buggy and Buddy. All you need is some yellow paint, pipe cleaners, googley eyes and some black yarn for the stripes. 

Bee toilet roll

2. Octopus family

Kids can create their own little octopus family with this fun craft from Kids Activities Blog. They’ll love painting their rolls one day and then turning them into cute sea critters the next.

Octopus toilet roll craft

3. Fluttery butterflies

So sweet! The instructions for these gorgeous butterflies from Creative Me Inspired You are a bit advanced for little ones, but you don’t have to follow them to a tee. Just use some pretty patterned paper for the wings and pipe cleaners for the antennas if you want to simplify things.

butterfly toilet roll craft

4. Pretty flower garland

Replace the glue gun with sticky tape to make this flower craft more child-friendly. What’s more, the finished product will make a pretty room decoration! Instructions from A Glimpse Inside.

5. Toot, toot, toilet roll train

All aboard! Make as many carriages as your child’s heart desires with this fun toilet roll train craft with bottle lids for wheels. Get the instructions from Kids Activities Blog.

Toilet roll train


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