Someone just unearthed a rare and adorable photo of Prince George

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Young George will turn five in just a few days (on 22 July) and is the quiet achiever of the royal family. He displays a healthy suspicion of the media, knows how to jolly about with his bestie girl cousin and saves his best grins for his siblings and parents. Bless his very neatly pulled up socks.

Hello cute face!

We’re always delighted to see more of the little prince, so when the Australian Women’s Weekly pointed out this adorable image floating about on Instagram, we immediately made it our phone’s wallpaper and thanked our lucky stars.

The photo is apparently one taken for a Christmas card photo shoot back in 2016, so it’s not been circulated as widely as the usual George shots we see.

“Sweet photo of Prince George playing with bubbles,” royal enthusiast Jane Barr of From Berkshire to Buckingham writes of the photo. “This picture is from the photo shoot for the Cambridges’ 2016 Christmas card.”

Jane’s shared lots of other brilliant shots of the Cambridges on her account recently and seems to have a particular passion for curating more unguarded moments of the littlest royals with their mum and dad. #ThankYouJane 

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Today Prince William competed in the Jerudong Trophy polo game at Cirencester Park. Although Kate was not there, I am hoping she brings the kids to a number of games this summer. We have such sweet shots of the Duchess with Prince George when he was small, and it would be fun to see Charlotte enjoying the game as well. I imagine we will have to wait ‘till next summer to see Louis. . . . #DuchessKate #PrincessKate #DuchessofCambridge #KateMiddleton #middleton #KensingtonPalace #BuckinghamPalace #kensington #britishroyals #britishroyalfamily #royalengagement #katemiddletonstyle #royals #princess #royalBaby #royal #princesscharlotte #princegeorge #royalwedding #princewilliam #dukeofcambridge #windsorcastle #windsor #princegeorge #princesscharlotte #jerudong #cirencesterpark #polo #princelouis

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Mother’s Day in the United States is this Sunday, so I am looking back at some of Kate’s sweetest moments with her kids (that we have been privy to). I love this picture of Kate with Charlotte during their tour of Canada. Charlotte was already showing her independence that afternoon, including electing to put her sweater back on when she got a little chilly.  This interaction between the two definitely made the list of cutest photos from the tour. . . . . . #louisarthurcharles #princelouis #princelouisofcambridge #DuchessKate #PrincessKate #DuchessofCambridge #KateMiddleton #middleton #KensingtonPalace #BuckinghamPalace #kensington #britishroyals #britishroyalfamily #royalfashion #royalengagement #katemiddletonstyle #royals #princess #royalBaby #royal #princesscharlotte #princegeorge #royalwedding #weddingveil #princewilliam #dukeofcambridge #replikate #kaziranganationalpark #kaziranga #mothersday

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From Berkshire to Buckingham

Apart from gosh darned adorable photos, Jane shares an analysis of how the royals balance their roles with family life, documents their fashion choices and ponders how royal minders tackle engagements and public relations.

Of yesterday’s surprise photo of Kate and Prince Louis’ at the baby’s christening party, Jane wisely noted that this is becoming a pattern and everyone’s delighted.

“I think this was a planned released from the start. Just as Harry and Meghan released that extra engagement photo, I think the press team is trending toward these later releases as a matter of course. The official photos go out to the papers and then they add a more personal touch on their social channels a day later or so. It’s a nice plan, and of course, the gesture hits its mark–fans love it and it helps the royals control their own narrative a little.”

We have to say we love these more intimate bonus shots almost as much as we love George’s rosy-cheeked antics.



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