Smug blogger questions wisdom of working mums and chaos ensues

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Oh my goodness. In the latest episode of “what are you even talking about?” a lady on Twitter has challenged the wisdom of other mums who are gainfully employed.

“Should mothers have careers?”

Lori Alexander is in her own words “a wife, a mother, a grandma, and a keeper at home. Loves Jesus and is not afraid to speak Truth because it sets you free!”

Several days ago “truth-teller” Lori started a total dumpster fire on her Twitter account, sharing an image of a flow chart purporting to PROVE that women who go out to work are … a total MESS.

“Should mothers have careers?” Lori asked in her update which then asserts that women who work give their children microwave dinners, don’t play with them enough and certainly don’t have time to instil any sort of faith or morals in them.

Lori also suggests that women who work don’t have sex with their partners and don’t have time to take their children on the sort of fun outings which stay-at-home mums revel in.

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“Her life is falling apart”

Summing up mums who don’t have careers Lori writes – “Her life is fulfilling. Her husband and children rise up and call her blessed.”

And women who do have careers? Of them, Lori says “Her life is falling apart. She doesn’t feel like she’s a good wife or mother.”

What even the heck, Lori?! Have you lost your mind?!

Lori Alexander

“Climb back in your time machine”

Of course, Twitter was having none of Lori’s nonsense and speedily took her to task for her poxy flow chart.

“Next flow chart you make, why not focus on building ALL women up vs shaming those who by choice or not are DIFFERENT than you,” one woman suggested.

“As a working mother my dinners are home-cooked, I always spend quality time with my children after work, clean daily not just on weekends, and have absolutely NO problems with intimacy. My life isn’t falling apart it’s very fulfilling and I know I’m a great mother and wife!” another mum shot back.

“SAHM here. Most of what my kid eats is microwaved (the baby drinks breastmilk so I’m making that from scratch…?) I’ve never once taught them about Jesus, my kids make me too touched out for intimacy with my husband and I think that this is the dumbest flow chart I’ve ever seen,” one excellent human wrote.

“You’re lost,” someone else pointed out. “Climb back into your time machine and get out 60 years ago.”

“Cool! I didn’t know Twitter existed in 1952!” a cluey person commented. “PS research evidence on both mothers’ and children’s outcome counter this sexist drivel.”

“Here I fixed it for you,” Dr Gretchen Hansen posted, uploading a revised version of Lori’s chart. (Below) Brava Dr Hansen!

Dr Gretchen Hansen


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