Slowly losing your mind? 6 ways to beat the parenting boredom

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Parenting is wonderful for the most part.  The smiles, the ‘firsts’ and the cuddles are all moments we cherish and embrace. But it’s not all like the fuzzy, warm baby adverts. In amongst the joy, there’s a fair amount of frustration, monotony and a ton of boredom.

Days parenting young babies or toddlers can feel endless. The repetitive structure and routine means days feel very groundhog. From the minute your eyes open you go into auto pilot – making meal after meal, getting out a variety of toys and just generally trying to fill the day. 

There’s no way to truly conquer the boredom that can come with parenting little ones. But there are ways which can help. Here are some that are worth a try.

1. Socialising with like-minded mums

Meeting up with other mums is a good way to break up the day. It’s nice to feel comfort in the knowledge that you’re not alone on this parenting rollercoaster.

Comparing notes and frustrations can provide relief and having a laugh is good for the soul.

2. Getting out

It’s amazing how much better you feel when you get out of the house.

While toddler classes and the park aren’t necessarily the most exciting places in the world, it can feel less suffocating than your own four walls. An hour also passes a lot quicker when you’re not purposely looking at the clock.

mums and babies at exercise class

3. Try an exercise class with a crèche

Pre-children it was hard to associate the gym with ‘down time’. However, this changes once you become a parent. Finding a gym that has a good crèche can be a lifeline for both your sanity and catching a break. Plus, it doesn’t do your little one any harm to learn to be without you for a bit.

4. Find some part time work or a hobby

Not everyone wants or needs to work when their baby comes along. But if you do start to struggle with the boredom of parenting, it can be a relief to have an outlet for your brain. Even one day a week or finding a work from home position can help.

Alternatively, a hobby that you can fit in around sleep times can keep insanity at bay.

5. Take time out

It’s not easy to find time for yourself when you’re a parent.  But, if you can, there’s nothing better to break the monotony. Just a day in daycare means you get time to use your brain in a different capacity – even if it’s going to the shops, booking a massage or catching up on Netflix in peace.

6. Mix up your routine

It’s true that most babies and toddlers respond best to routine. But mixing up your schedule a bit doesn’t destroy this. Organising different activities or social outings can give you something different to look forward to and help kick that groundhog to the curb.

Do you have any tricks that help on those really boring days?


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