Shazam! 8 facts that prove mums are really superheroes in disguise

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It’s easy to feel like we’re failing at this whole parenting gig when we have so many balls in the air. But the reality is we’re actually Wonder Woman in disguise. That’s right ladies! We’re all secretly wearing capes underneath our milk stained t-shirts and pyjamas – and we have the facts to prove it.

1. We’re shapeshifters

When you think about how much a woman’s body changes when having a baby it’s utterly incredible – supernatural even. First of all we help create the baby (a miracle in itself), then nourish it and help it grow inside our own bodies by moving our organs around to make room, then we birth that baby, and finally our bodies go on to produce milk to feed our new little bub too. X-Men’s Mystique’s got nothing on us.  

2. We tolerate high pain

Giving birth vaginally is a huge test of a woman’s pain tolerance and even recovering from a c-section can be incredibly painful. Breastfeeding can feel like pure torture when your newborn tries to rip and tear your nipples off your swollen, engorged breasts. And that’s not to mention the pain and discomfort involved in growing and carrying that baby for nine months. Basically you can just call us Wolverine.

3. We have super strength

With a baby on your hip, a nappy bag slung over your shoulder, a handbag in the crook of your arm and about six-10 bags of groceries hanging from your arms, wrists and fingertips, you can bet that no-one is as strong as a mum. What’s that? Just make two trips you say? Ha! Mums don’t have that luxury because we can’t leave the baby in the car or in the house alone. The same goes wrangling children and heavy grocery trolleys in carparks. Wonder Woman understands.

4. We survive without sleep

Sure, most new dads are sleep deprived but it’s mums who carry the worst of it. Yet somehow you still manage to function over the weeks, months and sometimes even years, of only getting a couple of hours sleep a night; pulling energy reserves to entertain, care for little ones and yourself. Is there even a superhero who gets by without any sleep? 

mum playing with daughter

5. We have super sonic hearing

A mum will hear a toilet lid lift or drawer open even if she’s at the other end of the house. The same goes for when our babies cry, even the slightest whimper from their bedroom down the hall will cause us to wake instantly thanks to our supernatural inbuilt baby monitoring hearing. 

6. We have incredible intuition

Mothers have an unexplainable bond with their children. Breastfeeding mums will often experience a let down when their baby wakes, even if they’re not near them, and can often sense when something isn’t right with their child, or when they’re up to no good. It’s like a sixth sense (I see little people…). We can also locate your missing socks, car keys, baby blankie and wallet in the house. So handy! 

7. We can make things happen

It’s bizarre but true – one minute we will be talking to someone about how thankful we are our bub is sleeping through the night only to go home and have the absolute worst nights sleep of our life. Try it, it will instantly turn your good sleeper into an insomniac. Or you will start thinking about your baby and then instantly see them stir on the baby monitor. Basically, if we utter a word or even think things about our children, the universe shifts to turn things on its head. If only we could harness this magic power for good rather than evil. This one is basically our kryptonite. 

8. We can juggle a million things

Even if you’re not working, mums are doing so many things at the same time – ALL. THE. TIME. Cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, wiping bums, singing lullabies, organising doctor’s appointments, getting the car serviced and everything else that we need to cram into daily life. It’s a wonder we can remember our names most of the time – maybe we should just answer to Super Mum instead.



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