Ho! Ho! Ho! 9 special moments to celebrate during your baby’s first Christmas

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The festive season is such a precious time for family and there’s something particularly sweet about your baby’s FIRST experience with Santa, gifts, carols and decking the halls with all things merry and bright. So here are nine special moments to celebrate and treasure with your little one this very first Christmas.

1. Decorating the tree

Even though your baby is too young to help out with decorating, as you’re putting up the tree and all its ornaments, take the time to show him the different decorations. He’ll love touching different objects and staring at twinkly lights, and don’t forget the tree itself is also a marvel he’s never seen before so show him everything and bask in the look of fresh delight.

2. Sending a family Christmas card

You might not have been too bothered about Christmas cards previously but now you have a great reason to send some out! Friends and family will love receiving a festive card featuring your little one’s photo, and it also makes a great memento to keep for yourself too. There are plenty of great online sites that make it easy to create Christmas-themed cards with photos you can upload yourself, and they’ll even post your cards out directly for you too.

3. Putting up their Christmas stocking

Buying and putting up your child’s Christmas stocking for the first time really highlights that you’re now a family, and even if it’s not your first baby it’s still a nice indicator of how much your clan is expanding. A personalised sticking that has your bub’s name on it is even more special.

baby looking at christmas lights

4. Giving a special Christmas gift

It doesn’t matter that your baby isn’t old enough to know what’s happening in the present department, it’s still a lovely idea to get him a special gift to mark his first Christmas – as much as for him as yourself. After all, there’s nothing like the act of giving to bring on the warm and fuzzies. Something you can keep or will be used for years to come is ideal, and by taking photos to record the moment, he’ll be able to look back and see when exactly it was given.

5. Reading Christmas stories

Children love being read stories, no matter how young they are. There are so many gorgeous Christmas-themed books out there now so grab a bunch and get reading with your little one. It’s a great bonding experience and exposing him early to festive tales and characters is a wonderful way to set the tone for your family celebrations and help him feel the magic of the holiday.

6. Singing Christmas songs

All children adore listening to music whether it’s the latest Christmas album on high rotation or simply you humming carols off-key with all the wrong lyrics. The more exposed your baby is to the songs of this season, the more he’ll love them in years to come, and Christmas songs put everyone in a great mood so it’s an excellent way to up the positive festive vibes, especially when you might be feeling tired and bit frantic in the lead up to Christmas.

baby christmas presents

7. Meeting Santa

Baby’s first Christmas wouldn’t be complete without meeting Father Christmas for the first time! Even if he’s not aware what’s going on or is a bit upset, getting in front of the big guy in the red suit is a must for all children. It sets up the magical Christmas tradition with a great photo of this initial visit that you will all love looking back at in years to come.

8. Popping on a festive outfit

Is there anything cuter than a bub wearing a Christmas outfit? Even if you’re not keen to do something elaborate, there’s always room for a little Santa hat, reindeer antlers, or even something low-key like a length of tinsel draped here or there. Even if he only lasts two seconds in the outfit, pop it on and take a snap to record the moment. It’s a great way to preserve the memory of his first Christmas – and one that you can revisit year after year.

9. Taking family photos

And speaking of photos, be sure to take lots of not just your baby but him with yourself and other family members. Christmas is all about loved ones coming together so use this special time to celebrate and bond with family, including different generations and also those who are dear but don’t live near. 


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