The cute game Prince George and Princess Charlotte play with their granny

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Naw! Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s favourite game at grandma’s has just been revealed and it’s probably a favourite of your kiddos too!

Stop! Granny time!

George, Charlotte and baby Prince Louis have jetted off on holidays to Mustique with their mum and dad. Their grandparents, Carole and Michael Middleton, are tagging along too. It’s no surprise because the little royals are very close to Kate’s parents, spending a lot of time at their estate since they were wee babies – and apparently fitting in some very adorable role play type games when they do!

Royal correspondent Rebecca English wrote an in-depth piece on George this week, in celebration of his fifth birthday, and it was full of the sort of monarchy morsels we love the most. 

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One such gem was that George and Charlotte have been spotted accompanying their granny Carole to work, where they slotted straight in and played the part beautifully.

“[Carole] has taken George and Charlotte to work at the family’s Party Pieces HQ, a short drive from the Middletons’ Berkshire mansion, where they play at being shopkeepers,” Rebecca reported.

“One visitor spotted George sitting in the ‘front of house’, exclaiming excitedly ‘Oh my gosh!’ as his indulgent granny gave him a bag of sweets for being a good boy.”

“Chips again!”

Carole’s known for doing what grannies do, giving grandchildren delicious and fun things. Kate’s previously revealed, “she once called home from a foreign tour to speak to her mother, who was looking after George, only for him to tell her earnestly that his granny had given him ‘chips, again’ for dinner.”

And look, honestly? We feel the exact same way about chips and quite fancy them for dinner now. In fact maybe for lunch? With a little chicken salt? Perf.

Charlotte and George were recently spotted cycling in Kensington Gardens with their nanny and security detail. It appears the little royals have mastered bike riding beautifully. Must be all those chips and lollies fuelling their efforts!

Mums on the run

This week it was also revealed that Kate did George’s school drop off just a few hours after she gave birth to Prince Louis.

It’s a relatable move from the royal mum, one that will be familiar to women who are up to their second, third or fourth child. Granted the Duchess didn’t have to take her son to school so quickly after her baby’s birth, but clever cookies know that sticking to familiar routines is one way to minimise sibling rivalry – and it seems that Kate was keen to do just that.

Kate’s just like us, y’all. Well. Just a little bit. But mostly not really … Except this one time with the shoes.

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