Pitter-patter? Jamie Oliver talks Jools, Christmas and baby number six

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In a new interview with UK newspaper The Mirror, Jamie admits that another baby may be joining the ranks soon.

Six of the best?

Let’s face it, it’s not like the world’s favourite chef can’t handle levelling-up, family-wise. Not only has Jamie Oliver sold 40 million copies of 29 cookbooks making him the biggest selling non-fiction author on the planet, he’s also proud dad to 16-year-old Poppy, 15-year-old Daisy, 9-year-old Petal, eight-year-old Buddy and two-year-old River.

Chatting to The Mirror he says that baby number six might just find a way … and he and wife Jools don’t hate the idea.

“I’ve tried to shut the shop a few times and I’ve failed,” Jamie said. “I just don’t know any more. My intention would be to not have another one, but she might have different ideas and my capacity for self-restraint clearly isn’t great, I don’t have a good track record.”

“We should phone a bookie,” Jamie suggests. “What are the odds? Will they/won’t they?!”

The odds seem to be in Jools‘ favour if the couple’s life to date is anything to go by. 

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“It was feral”

Jamie also gave some insight into how Christmas rolls out at their place including:

Their tree is often pretty dodgy …

“Jools feels sorry for trees, which is very strange. Last year, she bought the ugly duckling of Christmas trees, it was feral.”

They try to keep things low key. LOL.

“This year me and Jools said ‘let’s try and control ourselves a little bit more’, focus on a few nice things. But in our house that’s still some volume. The problem is it’s just too exciting.”

There are sometimes disasters …

“I put a chicken in [the wood-fired oven] and forgot about it because I was doing stuff with the kids, and someone threw logs on and the chicken turned into a piece of coal.

They’re having 30 guests at their table this year …

And “there will be porchetta, turkey and goose.”

Jools Oliver's car

image via Jamie Oliver/Twitter

Creative presents are the order of the day …

“One of the best was a car for Jools,” Jamie told The Mirror revealing a particular present involved hotting-up his wife’s humble idea of a family car.

“I told her to buy herself a run-around, and was expecting her to come back with a Golf or something pleasant like that. But, like the trees, she was feeling sorry for the cars. Let’s just say she doesn’t cause me trouble with expensive tastes – it was the crappiest car, bless her. I stole it away, resprayed it, lowered it, put tacky alloys on it and a massive flame up the side. It did seven years of service before the flames started peeling off and it had to go for scrap.”

How. Freaking. Adorable. #Flames4Lyf!

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My absolute favourite time of the year ? we have so many traditions from both myself and Jamie’s childhood, which we have loved sharing with our children, they are so important to us. We have also gained a few new ones along the way from beloved friends and some I have just stumbled across. I am really excited by this one that I found by chance. The Giving Manger – from the beginning of December, each day you have to complete an act of kindness for someone else no matter how big or small, then you can place a piece of straw in to the manger and hopefully by Christmas Eve the little manger will be full of straw and you can place baby Jesus in there. Honestly the children were so excited to start and so far we have racked up a few straws each. I love hearing what they have done, be it at school or home and asking me if it deserves a straw…so sweet. Being kind is THE only thing that matters and we hope they carry this tradition through to their little families too. ?for anyone asking I got mine off the internet from America but to be honest it’s such a beautiful simple idea you could just make one up yourself ❤️

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