Pink’s very intimate photo of her husband will have parents saying “same same”

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Pink’s on tour in Australia, and not only has she been battling incredibly ill health (poor thing) and some disgruntled fans (rude buggers), she’s been doing it with kids in tow. 

“Dude, can I just take a sh*t?!”

Husband Carey Hart has been here on and off too, and it’s not hard to see why he might have been a little relieved when he got to fly back to the States for a few days recently.

The photo Carey’s just shared – snapped by Pink – hints at how intense the parent-hotel-tour life is – and also how much these guys have in common with other parents of toddlers.

“Dude, can I just take a shit?? Family meetings always have to happen when I’m pissing off IG,” Carey wrote alongside the photo depicting himself on the toilet with baby Jameson at this feet and daughter Willow peeking around the corner. Pink, of course, must be front and centre too because she’s obviously wielding the camera to capture this precious personal moment.

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Dude, can I just take a shit?? Family meetings always have to happen when I’m pissing off IG ?. ? @pink

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The “pissing off IG” part of the caption refers to an anti-Trump update he shared a little while before highlighting the US president’s questionable budgeting priorities (alleging boosts to Trump security funding at the very same time as making cuts to veterans). 

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“Normal people, with normal problems”

Pink and Carey’s followers were thoroughly entertained by this face-palming bathroom photo, admitting they endured the same at ‘business time’.

“Its true family bonding,” one went on to declare.

“Just one of the many things no one tells us before we become parents: the family meeting must take place during bathroom time for one or both parents,” another decreed.

“The most common sentence in our house: ‘Can I just poop in peace?!?!’ ” someone else sighed.

“No privacy … I loved little fingers under the bathroom door,” a person with kids old enough not to bust in on poop time wrote.

This toilet photo is not the only great upload this hardworking family have posted on Instagram lately. We have to admit we’ve watched the video below 348 times since Pink shared it because there’s something surprisingly hypnotic about someone swinging their way out of a helicopter on the way to their mum’s gig. #GoWillow

If you’re keen to know what else Pink and her family have been up to while they’ve been in Australia (apart from being rushed to hospital … argh!) let us show you some highlights they’ve shared.

Patting kangaroos

Hilariously when Pink uploaded this photo of Jameson and a joey, some followers decided they were looking at a llama.

Ice skating … In Radelaide, no less.

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Checking out Melbourne’s laneways

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Cosying up to farm animals

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Hanging out with Katy Perry … playing lizards

Patting more kangaroos

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary ???

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Enjoying the Gold Coast

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Gold Coast we love you ?

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Wearing hats as rubbish bins

It’s so fun to follow this ace family’s adventures and we’re lucky they share so many snippets, right?

Wishing Pink a full recovery and a large amount of snack and sun-filled downtime very soon.


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