People think these photos prove Princess Charlotte is the Queen’s tiny twin

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If there’s one thing that seems to have near-universal appeal, it’s comparing photos of the little royals to their relatives!

Twinning is winning

In fact, people have been going nuts for this practice all year. First, it was Diana and Charlotte twinning like royal bosses. Then it was William and Charlotte doing the same-same thing. Then it was George and Louis being doppelgängers.

The latest instalment in this very fun game involves Princess Charlotte and her great-grandmother, the Queen. Shots captured at Princess Eugenie’s very charming celeb-filled wedding at the weekend show that Charlotte may indeed be a chip off the old block. #NoOffence

Charlotte is sitting with her hands neatly resting in her lap, looking straight down the barrel of the camera. She’s wearing a hint of a smile, much like her great-granny, doing her very best perfect protocol pic. 

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#royalwedding Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank wedding's official photographs (12th October)❤️ . Charlotte taking inspiration from the boss, her great-grandmother The Queen?? . Some nice close ups? #britishroyalfamily #britishroyals #thequeen #queenelizabeth #princesscharlotte #princegeorge #princesseugenie #jackbrooksbank #royalwdding #dukeofyork #duchessofyork #fergie #princephilip #miatindall #royalfamily #instaroyals #royalnews

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“A copy of Queen Elizabeth”

Instagrammers were keen to point out the similarities between the reigning monarch and her great-grandchild declaring the pair actual twins!

“She’s so much like her great grandma,” one person posted.

“Charlotte looks like the Queen,” another declared.

“Charlotte tilts her head the same way the Queen Mum use to, interesting,” someone else observed.

“Princess Charlotte is a real Royal Princess. She’s a copy of the Queen Elizabeth,” a commenter wrote.

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The royal mini-me

What we noticed looking through the weekend’s shots was how much Charlotte resembles her mum.

She’s got Kate’s body language and poise down pat already – and we’ve got to say it’s super cute to see the sized-down preschool version.

It can’t be easy to contain all that childhood enthusiasm at these very formal events, but there’s no doubt Charlotte is rising to the challenge.



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