People are teaching small children to say weird stuff and it’s delightful

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When a Tumblr user shared a slightly bonkers story about a trick she played on her aunt, others were quick to join the party and share their own second-hand trolling tales.

“Tax benefits!!”

“I taught my little cousin her first longer word when she was very young,” Marina, AKA theoceanempress admitted. “I  taught her to say ‘tax benefits’ – and to this day my aunt still doesn’t know where she got it from, but it was a hilarious sight to see a little toddler waddling around the house, wearing a big diaper, all the while yelling ‘tax benefits’!!”

An approving follower admitted her own parents tried this trick on her when she was a wee bairn, with a slightly more political motivation.

“My parents did this with me and [the phrase] ‘nuclear disarmament’,” she posted.

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One commenter admitted he tried a sort of monkey-read, monkey-say approach with his little bro and it was long-lasting.

“I taught my little brother to say ‘micro-surgical vasectomy reversal’ (saw it on a billboard) on a road trip, and he didn’t stop saying it for literal years,” he posted.

Another commenter admitted her activism started at a very early age, thanks to her cheeky mum and dad.

“My parents taught me to chant ‘Get your laws off our bodies!’ for a pro-choice rally when I was like four and I went to preschool and taught all the other kids the chant and led them on a mini-parade around the playground and the teachers were like ???” she posted.

“Do you smell popcorn?”

Bored Panda shared Marina’s story, and even more sneaky “teachers” came out of the closet.

“We used to call the baby Mr Fat Butt because he had a diaper on and it made his butt look fat. We thought it was funny. That was until the day he looked at me and said ‘fah butt’, to me. We stopped after that. Also it was like the first thing he learned after ‘Mama’ so there’s that,” commenter Ben posted.

“Friend of mine taught his nephew how to say ‘I’ve had enough of your sh**!’ whenever the boy’s mother told him to do anything. First time she heard it was priceless,” SweetMamaP revealed.

“I heard a 3 year old ask, ‘What’s in it for me?’ every time you called for her. Apparently a relative had taught her to say that during a reunion. It proved to be absolutely hilarious as her parents called for her,” reader Jill posted.

“When I was a toddler, my mom taught me to ask my brother ‘do you smell popcorn?’ Whenever I farted. When I did he would be like ‘what??!’ and take a deep breath in,” Harry wrote.



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