People are sharing stories about what Duchess Kate is really like

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Have you ever wondered what the royal mums are really like? It seems you’re not the only one!

“What’s she really like?”

“What is Kate Middleton really like?” a woman on the popular forum Mumsnet asked, opening up the discussion to the (chat) room.

“I know some of you will think ‘who cares?’ but I find her kind of intriguing. Always so well turned out/groomed, very poised, polite … I wonder what her real personality is? How does she manage so much scrutiny?”

Turns out that among the hundreds of people who responded to this question quite a few had a connection to the Duchess of Cambridge. They weighed in with their own – or those close to them’s – experiences of Kate and what she’s like in real life.

“My friend used to work for her and William (and went to the wedding) and said they were both absolutely lovely and very normal and friendly,” one mum wrote. “She wasn’t that complimentary about other members of the Royal Family (or Pippa) but really enjoyed working for the Cambridges.”

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“I’ve met the family a few times as we live locally,” another person responded. “She’s quiet and guarded but lovely” they confided, also adding that Kate’s dad is “a nice chap.”

“My mother taught her at school,” someone else revealed. “She was apparently quiet, studious, sporty and unassuming. Pippa was the outgoing ‘popular’ one.”

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“Very sweet and earnest”

Lots of other people had met Kate when she was a schoolgirl too.

“I know someone who was friends with her at school but hasn’t really kept in touch,” one fan wrote. “She felt like she was a genuinely nice person.”

“My friend went to Marlborough College with her and said she was a really lovely person,” someone else commented.

Others had encountered Kate when she used to work for fashion retailer Jigsaw.

“I met her once, briefly when she worked at Jigsaw,” another Kate fan recalled. “She came across as very sweet and earnest. I think she’s sacrificed a lot to be where she is now. I really wouldn’t want the amount of public scrutiny that she has, and I can’t imagine that it’s much fun, to be honest.”

And others still had connections to the Duchess via George and Charlotte’s school or nursery.

“A friend’s grandkids went to nursery with George,” one woman posted. “Apparently she was really nice to the other parents and went shopping locally. I think it’s harder in London for them though as the press is so intense.”

Of course, these accounts can’t actually be verified, but we’d prefer to believe that Kate’s just as we’d expect her to be. A total gem, as these commenters have attested.


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