People are mad that Kim Kardashian let 5-year-old North wear make-up

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Kim Kardashian West has felt the need to defend her parenting once again, telling critics of her five-year-old daughter’s red lipstick that it’s just a bit of harmless fun.

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Merry Christmas ?

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Keeping up with North

Kardashian fans will already know that North is a real fan of make-up, and with a mum and aunty who own their own beauty businesses how could it be any other way?!

Kim’s Instagram stories often feature her daughter playing with KKW Beauty products, with the mum-of-three in the background providing helpful tips on how to use them.

It therefore comes as no surprise that North was confidently wearing lippy in the latest family portraits. Not just any old lipstick, but a very bold red from her mum’s range. 

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Tiny teen?

Playing with make-up is something almost all children have dabbled in at a similar age. Of course, lots of people decided this was not a case of harmless dress-ups, going in on Kim when she revealed the photos on social media.

Despite the fact that North was at a family party at her own home and everyone was dressing up, critics thought the lippy was too much.

“North too young and cute to have that bright red lipstick on. Let her be a child while she can,” one posted.

“Red lipstick on your young little daughter. Wow that’s just way to young to be allowing that she’s not even a teenager yet,” another commented.

“North needs to take off that lipstick,” someone else posted firmly.

(Truth be told, North does look like a very short teenager ..!)

So extra

But it wasn’t all bad news and snarky criticism. Many were quick to point out that kids have been playing with make-up since make-up was invented and plenty of people thought North was the standout in these cute family photos.

“So glad there was no internet when I painted my face all the way with my Barbie make up collection, stuffed my bra and went to the family Christmas party at age 6,” one North fan posted.

“North looks better than I will ever look in my whole life. Bless this child,” one follower commented.

“Honestly … this is NORTH’S shoot, everyone else is extra,” someone else decided.

“I love Kim’s modern day Adams Family,” another wrote.

“It’s a special occasion”

Kim weighed in, defending North’s right to wear lippy and explaining this look was the exception rather than the rule.

“She picked it though! It’s a special occasion!” Kim wrote on Twitter, as Kardashian fans assured her that she had nothing to defend and this was just a bit of harmless fun.

“You really don’t even need to defend it,” one follower posted. “We all had caboodles full of Tinkerbell makeup when we were 6.”

“My daughter LOVES make up and puts it on better than me,” another Twitter user posted. “North West is a beautiful little normal girl, mum shaming is bullying. Your family is beautiful Kim, I respect you and Kayne so much, beautiful parents!”

“It’s not like she wears makeup every day,” one fan pointed out. “She knows it’s a special occasion that’s why it’s okay. Besides believe it or not Kim is HER MOM! As in she has the say not the rest of social media. Good lord.”

Good lord indeed! #LetNorthLive!


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