NEW photo of Prince William and kids with a GIANT dog will lift your spirits

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A surprise photo of Prince William and his three cute kiddos has popped up on social media, and it was so low-key it might have passed you by!

A new photo for royal fans

The image was shared a couple of days ago but it’s only just starting to get noticed by fans of this high-profile family.

The relaxed photo shows William and kids with a couple of snazzily-dressed soldiers – and that aforementioned giant dog.

“The Army In London, including Irish Guards Wolfhound mascot Domhnall, is wishing HRH Prince George a very happy 6th birthday today. Our soldiers are always on duty, ready to serve!” The Army in London posted on Twitter alongside this celebratory and adorable shot.

Princess Charlotte (who is holding her favourite Beanie Babies purse) in particular appears very taken with doggy Domhnall, unable to tear her eyes away from his shaggy face.

Prince George is not so easily distracted. He stares straight into the lens like the good boy and future King that he is.

Prince Louis, on the other hand, is a camera-shy mood. He looks suspiciously down the barrel from his smiling dad’s arms.

This photo was apparently taken on the day of the much-photographed charity polo match which Harry and Will played in a couple of weeks ago.

We know this, of course, because the kids are dressed in the same outfits they wore on that day – although William has had a costume change, switching up those white polo pants for some skinny jeans.

Corgi Schmorgi!

Royal fans were utterly delighted to see this surprise photo pop up online.

“Princess Charlotte look like she want to hug Domhnall,” one commenter posted. “So cute little princess!”

“Princess Charlotte cannot resist Domhnall and his good looks. Lovely photograph,” another fan wrote.

“Princess Charlotte is my favorite by far,” someone else gushed. “She has the same expression on her face that I would standing next to that gorgeously grand dog! Can I please pet and hug that dog! Please!”

“Loving the three separate reactions. George behaves by looking at the camera, Louis pouts as if to say ‘get that damn camera out of my face’ and Charlotte doesn’t care because there’s a dog.”

“She’s thinking, ‘Corgi-Smorgi, I want one of those!'” another Twitter user quipped – and they’re probably not wrong.

William and kids


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