Did you catch these FOUR hilarious dorky dad moments from Prince William?

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Royal dads … they’re just like regular dads. Well sort of. Actually not really, but maybe just a TITCH?!

Who’s your daddy?

The younger royals are revolutionising the way they deal with the public, using social media much more informally and enlisting the media’s help to show their relatable side.

We witnessed this as we viewed the footage of the Cambridge family – that’s Prince William, Duchess Kate, five-year-old Prince George, four-year-old Princess Charlotte and one-year-old Prince Louis – gadding about in the Back To Nature garden Kate co-created.

People were especially delighted with William’s behaviour, deciding he was living his best dorky dad life. That got us thinking about some of the other times William flew his dad flag and we figured we had to document them for posterity.

Dorky dad moment #1 – Swinging Will

Not only could William not resist the swing in his wife’s Back To Nature garden, he gave a little “wheeee” as he swung and busted a very hardcore swing face too.

People on Twitter were very much into Swinging Will and voiced their approval.

“Howling at William on the swing,” one delighted tweeter wrote.

“Omg I could [not] love William anymore hahah ‘weee’,” another said.

“William needs to work on his swing face!” someone else suggested.

Dorky dad moment 2 – #The dad joke

William was utterly thrilled when his brother’s tiny son Archie was born earlier this month. He had a dad joke all limbered up and busted it out as he congratulated Meg and Harry in front of media.

“I’m very pleased and glad to welcome my own brother into the Sleep Deprivation Society that is parenting,” a chuffed William quipped, as Kate tried valiantly not to roll her eyes, instead of gritting her teeth.

Dorky dad moment #3 –  Dad gone wild

During a military event last year, William was given a flask and asked to toast absent friends with some military personnel. He assumed the flask would contain rum but was pranked with something entirely different.

“I was expecting rum and got a Jägerbomb!” he laughed and told the story over and over again. “Imagine my surprise!”, “Burnt my throat!”, “I’ll never be asked twice about drinking, it’s very important!”


Dorky dad moment #4 – The dad dance

And why did they prank William with Jagerbombs you might be wondering?

It was possibly a hat-tip to another famous dorky dad moment – that time in 2017 when Will was filmed busting out some moves in a nightclub in Switzerland.

Caught getting his dad dance on to the ‘90s classic I Got 5 on It, the footage was much-discussed across the globe. Partly because he was not attending to royal duties. Mostly because this is everyone’s boozed-up dad late at night on the dance floor. #snort


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