New mum Amy Schumer shares her very first (genius) parenting hack

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You don’t have to worry about any of the other mums’ parenting hacks, because Amy Schumer is the new Hack Queen.

All hail our new Hack Queen!

Amy’s been spending a lot of time with her baby son Gene these days, and she clearly realised that she had some pretty important intel on baby-raising to share.

So, coupled with her husband Chris Fischer, Amy created her very first parenting hack video for YouTube. It’s pure delight and, from what we can tell, Amy’s parenting philosophy involves raising her little boy in an excellently normal and non-celeb way. 

Before you get all cynical and start muttering something about sponsored mentions, it’s good to note that her hack is about as far from the stealth product pushes we see some Insta-Mums doing as you can get.

We’ll let her explain.

“We wanted to give our advice about parenting because we’ve learned so much,”  Amy — who is in the midst of IVF treatment in a bid for a second child — begins in her clip.

“Our first advice/tip is a good toy for a baby around 7, 8, 9 months old … and it is exactly FREE,” she continues. “What it is, is a box.”

“They really like being in their box”

Amy then reveals that she and Chris have lined a very large cardboard box with foam and then tucked blankets all around it.

It’s worth noting that Gene is 9 months old and we’re guessing uses this hack under supervision, which you should too if you fancy boxing your own child.

“So you get a big box, okay? You clean it out and make sure there’s no staples in it, and then you put blankets around it, and you put some toys in it,” Amy explains.

“They can, like, hold on to the edges and stand or fall or whatever, and they really like being in their box.”


Amy’s followers were very much into this box hack and shared their own helpful tips in response.

“Boxes are king! The dudes are currently obsessed with a Valentine’s Day card and empty formula box,” one parent wrote.

“Used to do that when my kids were little,” another parent commented. “The box is also good for when they are older to colour inside of and make forts. Boxes are life!”

“Love it! Decorative blankets really add a touch,” someone else enthused.

“My favourite family … The only celebrity that doesn’t care they’re a celebrity,” another fan posted.

We feel exactly the same. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Amy any more, she goes and puts her kid in a cushy coffee-table-abutting-box.

All hail the new Hack Queen!


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