“My new project” – Kylie Jenner responds to second baby rumours

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Fans have been suggesting that the deliriously happy Kylie Jenner might be having another baby very soon …

“My new project”

The mum-of-one set the record straight on Twitter a little while ago – and shared some other news about the life of Kylie.

“I have something really exciting I get to share soon with you guys!” Kylie posted on Twitter. “I’ve been cooking this up for a while. I can’t wait to share my new project alreadyyy.”

“Are you pregnant again?” a fan asked, cutting to the chase and echoing lots of followers’ thoughts during a sort of mini Q and A.

“Noooo lol!” was Kylie’s categorical response. She’s obviously got her hands pretty full balancing her almost billion dollar cosmetics empire with her almost one-year-old daughter Stormi’s care – and that makes total sense.

“I want another baby, but …”

Before you get cross at people being presumptuous, note that this pregnancy question is not entirely out of the blue. Kylie herself spoke about her hopes for baby number two during an October 2018 Snapchat with her best friend Jordyn. She made it crystal clear that another child is definitely on the cards.

“I want another baby but, ‘when?’ is the question. I’m definitely not ready right this second. I don’t know when I will be,” she said.

What’s the deal, Kylie?!

Seeing as Kylie says she’s not currently pregnant, her followers quizzed her on other potential “projects”.

“Have you partnered with anyone?” fans asked. “Is it a song?” and “is it related to Kylie Cosmetics?” Kylie said no to those questions too.

Sounds a little like it might be a fashion-focused project, because although fans asked if this was the project theme, Kylie did not respond.

Others thought Kylie might be releasing a cookbook. Kylie didn’t confirm or deny that either.

Some figured Kylie and Stormi’s dad Travis Scott were finally going to get married, while a lot of fans wished for a season two of The Life of Kylie, the young mum’s reality show.

Time will tell, we’re sure, and we’ll be hearing this news sooner rather than later. In the meantime, it’s no more babies (yet)!

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