Eww! Mum’s story about her mother-in-law doing laundry is so gross you’ll laugh

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It’s no secret that mothers-in-law tend to get a bad rap. But sometimes a story so gross comes along that you can’t help but laugh out loud.

“Next-level mother in law”

Bronwyn Mandile is the founder of Mumlyfe. And although her mother-in-law is a “wonderful woman”, some tiny (huge) lines may have been crossed.

“I’m married to an Italian, so I have an Italian mother-in-law who is the next-level mother in law,” Bron explains, laughing, “I think it’s an interesting sub-species.”

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Good as new

After living with her in-laws for six months, Bron says there was nothing her mother-in-law wouldn’t do for her family.

“She’s been nothing but a support to me, and she’s definitely, well, I would say an Italian mother-in-law martyr. They’re very, ‘Oh, it’s no trouble for me to do all of the washing up while you all sit around enjoying yourselves after dinner, I’ll just be right here in the kitchen getting all hot and sweaty but don’t get up,’” jokes Bron.

But that’s not all her mum-in-law did. 

“She also sewed a hole in my underpants – so let’s just leave it at that,” says Bron. “You know, we’ve all got the back-up undies.

“They just appeared in my washing pile neatly folded and sewn.

“And then they were in the bin immediately.”

Pros and cons

After hearing Bron’s story, we’re not sure how we would respond. There are some pros and cons, depending on how you look at the situation. I mean, there’s nothing worse than having to part with your favourite pair of undies sooner than necessary, so maybe a little bit of mending isn’t so bad. Thoughtful, in fact! 

On the other hand, it depends on who’s doing the mending. One thing’s for sure, Bron’s mum-in-law certainly has her heart in the right place, gosh love her. 


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