Mum horrified after 3-year-old’s Disney DVD turns out to be The Exorcist

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A mum is seeking compensation after the Disney DVD she gave her son for Christmas turned out to have not the disc for animated flick Treasure Planet tucked inside, but the much, much scarier film The Exorcist.

Treasure PlaNOT 

UK mum Beth Golding snapped up the Treasure Planet DVD at a local Poundland store, wrapped it up and popped it under the tree for her little boy. All was going swimmingly until … it really wasn’t.

“Little Eli was looking forward to watching his new pirate film,” media outlet Metro reports, “but was faced with the opening scenes of the 1973 horror movie.”

At some point in the supply chain the wrong DVD was put into the Treasure Planet case and by wrong we mean The Exorcist and OH HECKING DEAR.

Treasure Planet and The Exorcist

A parent’s worst nightmare

Luckily Beth’s partner was alert and alarmed when they put the movie on. 

He “noticed there wasn’t a menu and thought it seemed a bit weird that the film wasn’t animated,” Beth explained. “It looked dark and scary so he turned it off straight away and when we looked at the disc we saw it was The Exorcist. Luckily my son didn’t see anything, but he could have seen something he shouldn’t have.”

Beth said she was horrified by her son Eli’s close brush with a very scary, very stabby, very vomit-y little girl. 

Had she been alone, popped the DVD on and left the room to load the dishwasher, for instance, her child might have settled in to watch the film in earnest. Yikes.

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Not a treasure after all

Thankfully he didn’t, but Beth still thinks Eli’s Christmas surprise was ruined. 

When she got in touch with the shop management, they apparently offered her a refund. But Beth does not want her pound back. Rather she’s keen to “take things further” and pursue compensation, Metro reports.

Poundland say they are launching an investigation into the mixed up DVDs with the supplier.

So there you have it.

A cautionary tale about the importance of checking the content of DVDs (if you still use DVDs) and the like before you hit play for your kiddos and disappear to do other things.


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