Mum furious that dad used baby as ‘stable table’ for cheesecake snack

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I mean. Haven’t we all been there? Needing to get the job done, but sort of ‘stuck’ with a sleeping baby on us?

The Cheesecake Snack-tory

Well this UK dad – whose name is Jamie Pollard – was having these very vibes when he felt like snacking down on a nearby plate of cheesecake in front of the telly. In fact, it looks like he was living his best Dad cake-eating life.

Not everybody saw it this way though. Jamie’s partner Elisabeth Henson for instance, was not a fan.

She’s actually the person who shared these photos of Jamie and their baby on Facebook making it very clear she was not happy Jan about her child being used as a stable table – and was unimpressed by the whole vibe in general.

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He’s not a table, Jamie

As Elisabeth shared this update on Facebook, she cut loose with some big feelings.

“Imagine spending [money] on a Clear Blue test to find out you’re pregnant,” Elisabeth posted.

“Spending nine months growing your beautiful baby, enduring morning sickness, sciatica and stretch marks, giving birth and having him absolutely destroy everything on the way out, tearing, being injected, being sewn up, having your placenta pulled out with tongs with no pain relief or numbing, and getting up every single night with him since he was born … For him to be used as a f*cking cheesecake table.”

And look honestly, Elisabeth. We feel you.

Being a mum is a freaking difficult job and lord even knows what kind of a day, week, YEAR you’ve had. It’s clear that you needed your fella to step up and do his very best work on this occasion and that the scene you happened upon in your lounge room did not pass muster in your books.

We respect that.

Posted by Elisabeth Henson on Saturday, 26 January 2019

Not all heroes wear capes?

While we understand it’s not cool to draw conclusions on Elisabeth’s update because they might be a little out of context, others were pretty keen to have opinions.

Some people were delighted by Jamie’s parenting efforts.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” one such dad fan wrote.

Others thought Elisabeth should look on the bright side.

“Least he is feeding the baby at the time, surely the point of this is that he’s being a good dad?”

“Never mind love,” a lady called Pam commented. “It’s called motherhood.” But is it really, Pam? IS IT?


Others still recounted resting their phone on their sleeping baby’s head, dropping crumbs on their infant and using their kids as mouse mats.

A lady called Christine said this was actually a lovely moment perfectly captured.

“Love this Daddy/Son bonding moment,” she posted.

“Your son is obviously content, he can hear Daddy’s heart beat, and warmth …. and happy to be of ‘table service’. This photo melts my heart,” she concluded.

We send you our love and strength, Elisabeth. And hope Jamie stops using the baby as a table. 


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