Model Amber Rose gets a face tattoo of her kids’ names – and it’s epic

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Model and activist, Amber Rose, is mum to two adorable boys. She recently honoured her little loves by getting their names scrawled across her forehead.

And the tat is definitely not subtle, but then, neither is Amber Rose!

Bash and Slash

Amber showed off her new edgy ink in an Instagram post captioned, “When ur Mom lets you draw on ur Barbie”

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When ur Mom lets you draw on ur Barbie 😏 #Bash #Slash @el_jacob_ramirez

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The face art reads, “Bash” and “Slash” and is a tribute to her two sons: seven-year-old Sebastian Taylor Thomaz aka “Bash” and four-month-old Slash Electric Alexander Edwards.

She first debuted her new inked forehead in a CoolKicks shopping YouTube video last week but there was no mention of the face art.

Beauty is on the inside

While the internet has gone into meltdown over the tattoo, with many accusing Amber of “ruining her pretty face”, Amber isn’t here for it.

This badass mama marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t have much time for the critics.

Yesterday she shared another photo of her tattoo on Instagram with the comment, “Beauty is not what’s on the outside….it’s what’s on the inside that counts … ”

And to the naysayers she had this to say:

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Like mother, like sons

Amber shares her eldest son Sebastian (Bash) with her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa. Her partner Alexander “AE” Edwards is dad to 4-month-old Slash Electric.

The loving mum often posts pics of her boys who look quite a bit like her, minus the shaved blond hair.

Slash’s dad is on board

Amber’s partner and Slash’s dad, Alexander “AE” Edwards, is also a fan of the face tat and in celebration of his new blended family, he got both Amber’s boys’ birthdates inked on his own forehead!

Tattoo artist Jacob Ramirez shared this photo of his work:

Face tats are the new black

While Amber’s tattoo has been dubbed ‘shocking’ it might soon become more commonplace. It seems face art is a bit of a thing now with more and more celebs proudly sporting it.

Recently Chris Brown added a cute face sneaker to his impressive ink collection and Cindy’s Crawford’s model son, Presley Gerber, got the word, “misunderstood” inked on his cheekbone.

We’re not sure about that one – but hey, each to their own!


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