Kim Kardashian West shares adorable new photo of baby Chicago

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Kim Kardashian has just shared a super sweet photo of her baby daughter Chicago, providing a momentary distraction from the feuds playing out in her family.

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My baby Chi ?

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Wyoming life

As Kanye West’s beefs with former collaborator Rhymefest and Canadian rapper Drake reach fever pitch, Kim and Kanye were perhaps keen to appear unbothered, sharing some wistful family photos from Wyoming where Kanye’s recording about 75 new albums. (Okay it’s five, but same thing!)

First, Kim shared a misty mountainous shot of the entire family MINUS Chicago, but fans were not happy that the baby was left out, so nekminnit – an all new Chicago pic! “My baby Chi,” Kim captioned the photo of her four-month-old bub – who is looking more and more like a teeny-tiny version of her famous mum.

Chi was born in January, with some help from a gestational carrier, the third child for the beauty CEO and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, and her rapper husband.

Chi’s the latest in a bunch of cute Kardashian-Jenner kids: sister Kylie gave birth to daughter Stormi in February (Stormi’s dad is rapper Travis Scott) and Khloe Kardashian welcomed a baby girl named True in April with Cleveland Cavaliers player, Tristan Thompson.

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“Take this, haters”

If you’re keen to do a little catch up on the Beefing Life of Kanye, let’s wade in! The bare bones of it are this:

Kanye’s been fighting with his former buddy Rhymefest over the weekend, after the ex-pal accused him of abandoning  both his home city of Chicago and the Donda’s House Foundation the pair established together in 2011.

A couple of years ago Kanye faced some financial issues, he handed the Donda’s House reins fully over to Rhymefest to go it alone. But on the weekend, a salty Rhymefest sent an SOS tweet out to another rapper – Drake – presumably aiming to shame Kanye and ignite a tiny war.

“I’m asking @Drake to help the part of Chicago Kanye has Abandoned! Please contact Dondas House,” Rhymefest wrote on Twitter.

The foundation is named for Kanye’s late mum and a furious Kim took to Twitter to repeatedly “clap back” at Rhymefest, denying his assertions, threatening to take over the charity and generally taking him down a peg or two in the name of standing by her man. Much tit-for-tat followed and gosh even knows what the truth of it all is.


Okay. So all caught up there? Brilliant. Let’s move on. To recent beef number two.

Kanye’s second current beef is with the aforementioned Hotline Bling singer – Drake. Kanye’s just produced an album for another rapper, PushaT, and a track on said album called Infrared accuses Drake of using ghost writers and being a bit of a dick. Let’s be clear, PushaT has not been a fan of Drake for quite some time.

Of course, Drake was not going to take this lying down. He fired back, releasing his own “diss track” Duppy Freestyle a day later, and tweeting an invoice to Kanye for $100 000. Services rendered?  “Promotional assistance and career-reviving.”  (See below!)

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You’re welcome. ?

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These are two of a long series of Kanye-Kim-rest-of-world feuds (think Jay-Z, Taylor Swift and Pink, to name but a few) and they’re a brilliant way to draw attention to new releases and raise awareness of Kanye’s current work.

The current feuds follow what some say is a very extended piece of performance art on Twitter, and it’s all very compelling to Kanye-watchers who are finding it near impossible to look away.

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So it’s fair to say that the Wests are not really feeling the burn about diss tracks or Twitter storms. They are Stronger than ever, and possibly kinda high-fiveing each other over their wildly successful, free, global marketing campaign. 

Did we mention that Kanye has been working on FIVE new albums? #LOL 


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