Kid whips up sketch of mum in the nuddy: “I drew a picture of you at school!”

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In a much-admired scene a mum never expected to be part of, a little girl has drawn her naked mum taking a lovely shower, detailing all the correct body parts for her teacher and class. Oh hurrah!

Her: “Mommy I drew a picture of you at school!”Me: ?????#lockthebathroomdoor #tbt

Posted by Kristen Hewitt on Thursday, 10 May 2018

Nude up, mum!

Kristen Hewitt shared the drawing on Facebook, warning parents to “lock the bathroom door” and possibly reconsider their own approach to kid-witnessed nudity. Granted, rethinking family nudity can be a pretty futile notion. Once a baby has made its way out of your belly/vagina, boundaries disappear faster than your pre-baby body.

But that said, there’s a sort of unspoken rule that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – or in the shower stall, in this case, right? It seems Kristen’s daughter did not get this memo. She was not having any of that Vegas/no-public-privates rule.

Instead, she felt that celebrating her mummy’s very useful, nice and helpful body was a much better approach. And honestly? Who can blame her?! 

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Looking good, gurllll!

Kristen’s Facebook followers very much enjoyed her daughter’s loving and revealing sketch – and wished they had one just as nice.

“At least you got perky boobs,” one wrote. “My daughter draws mine like giant ‘U’s’. One time she depicted them going all the way to the waist of my pants. They may not point straight ahead anymore but I certainly can’t tuck them in my pants (not yet anyways!)”

“Lol. Paging Mr Awkward. I have a few of these pictures around my house, too,” another chortled.

Others still were impressed with the sensitive and very flattering rendering of this boobs-out mum.

“Gurl! You in shape!” one person wrote.

“Did you get lash extensions?” another quizzed.


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