Khloe Kardashian has shared some super adorable pictures of True’s nursery

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After spending the early tumultuous weeks of her new daughter True’s life in Cleveland, where her baby daddy is based, Khloe has apparently headed back to LA.

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“Welcome home, Khloe and True”

True was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 12. The first child for Khloe and the second for pro-basketballer Tristan Thompson. While it’s unclear whether Tristan accompanied the pair, what is clear is that Khloe seems happy to be back on familiar territory with her baby girl. She’s now got her sisters – fellow mamas Kim, Kourtney and Kylie, as well as non-mama Kendall – on tap. Momager and mum Kris Jenner – aka Lovey – is also close at hand.

The KarJenner girls welcomed their sister and her bub home with celebratory cookies and balloons, and it’s obvious they’re thrilled that Khloe’s back in her immediate family’s fold. 

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“Welcome home, Khloe and True,” one balloon read, making no mention of Tristan.

“We love you, [from] Stormi and Kylie” another said.

Khloe seemed pretty stoked with this reception, posting a bunch of clips showing off the amazing cookies that featured True’s face (and her own!)

“I can’t handle it! Welcome home cookies!” Khloe squealed in an Instagram Story on Sunday. “I have never seen cuter cookies in all my life … Oh my God … I am just in love!”

Who made Khloe’s cookies?

These amazing cookies were crafted by Winnipeg small business Scientific Sweets who said they were delighted to get an order from this famous family.

“At first we thought it was a joke. It can’t be legit,” baker Jenn Strauman told CBC News. “So we did some fact-checking and it turned out to be legit.”

“We couldn’t say no. It’s the Kardashians. How can you not do it?” fellow Scientific Sweets baker Mary Lou Vendivil laughed.

How could you not, indeed!!

Flamingo wallpaper for True

It’s not just cookies Khlo has been showing off. She’s also revealed how she’s decorated True’s nursery.  The flamingo wallpaper she chose caught the eye of many, and Khloe says she thinks True secretly chose it from the womb, with the little girl having much in common with this leggy pink bird.

“The flamingo wallpaper was actually the first thing I saw that I knew I needed to have in my daughter’s nursery,” Khloe writes on her blog. “I love how elegant the flamingo is. This wallpaper is pink yet subtle.”

“I knew I wanted to do an animal somewhere in her room, but I wanted to do something a little more creative and not so traditional. The funny part is True has the longest skinniest legs like a flamingo! It’s so funny how we feel our children’s personalities before we even meet them. Maybe True picked the wallpaper in my tummy!”

The wallpaper is by UK designers Cole and Son and comes in a bunch of different colourways – to suit every little skinny legged nipper! You can buy the colour scheme Khloe chose here.

Khloe Kardashian nursery

Khloe Kardashian shares True's nursery

image source: Khloe Kardashian/Keila Lopez



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