Keeping up with the Cambridge kids: George, Charlotte and adorable Louis’ news

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With all eyes on Meghan and Harry of late, it feels like we haven’t heard from the Cambridge kids aka Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in an age!

Music and movement

Their parents Duchess Kate and Prince William have been pushing on stoically, preparing for more intense roles after Harry and Meg’s royal departure.

This has meant that they’ve been out and about a lot, chatting to locals and royal fans. And inevitably the conversation has turned to their children.

In Ireland recently, Hello! reports that Kate chatted to the band NØÖV asking them “When did you all start playing?”

She revealed that she was kind of kicking herself for not being able to have her children with her.

“It has been so interesting hearing all the storytelling over the last couple of days. I wish we could have brought George and Charlotte along, they would have loved it. And George is starting to learn the guitar.”

And that’s not all we found out about these cute kiddos. Chatting to another group, Kate explained:

“Charlotte is really into gymnastics, she’s doing cartwheels, handstands, everything. It’s so good for their basic skills of balance and coordination.”

Party songs for the win!

We’ve also had an update on Prince Louis.

People magazine report that Duchess Kate hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace last week and she spoke to children who were attending and performing as part of their school choirs.

Two of the kiddos were lucky enough to be celebrating birthdays  on their visit to the palace.

Kate joked that she should be the one singing to them, noting that that Happy Birthday is “one of Louis’ favourite songs” and that her youngest — who will turn two next month — was missing the event because he was “tucked up in bed.”

An Archie update!

It wouldn’t be a royal kiddo update without a bit of chatter about the other royal rascal, baby Archie.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s little boy also has big news, because he’s trying to walk. Not only that, he’s out walking in his stroller every day with his mum.

“Meghan takes a walk with Archie every single day through the woods,” Us Weekly reports.

“She either pushes him in a stroller through the paved trails through the public woods by their home or straps him on and walks the more rustic routes. The walks usually last around an hour or two, but she takes them daily.”

We’ve also just learned — via The Observer — that Archie may be visiting his great-grandmother the Queen over the English summer, with the Sussex family thought to be heading to Balmoral. 

Of course, this visit will depend on what’s going on health-wise, globally.


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