Kate and George’s sweet Australian wildlife encounter is too adorable

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A throwback story about the Cambridge’s 2014 royal visit to Australia is melting hearts across the globe. The stinkin’ adorable chain of events apparently played out in Canberra and is doing the rounds again because the thirst for delightful royal news is STRONG!

“Isn’t Catherine a great mum?”

The tale was shared on a Twitter fan account with the handle The Cambridges, with the tweeter – who is based in Brazil – saying it was adorable proof of love.

“Read this sweet story I found on Tumblr,” the post reads. “Isn’t Catherine such a great mum?? Her kids have always been and will always be in the first place for her.”

It’s clear that Kate is a brilliant parent to five-year-old Prince George, three-year-old Princess Charlotte and seven-month-old Prince Louis, but this update winds the clock way back to when she was a first-time mum of one. 

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A kangaroo story

Alongside this Tweeter’s enthusiastic caption was a screenshot of a story about Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince George’s 2014 stay in Canberra.

“My Mum knows someone who used to work at government house in Canberra,” the story begins, setting the scene.

“When Kate, William and George were staying there, Kate came running (well, probably elegantly gliding) down the stairs with her hair, makeup and jewellery done for the ball but still in casual clothes.”

“She asked how long until they had to be dressed, because there were some kangaroos outside and she wanted to take George out to see. They sat on the grass and watched the kangaroos until it was time for her to get dressed.”

A furry tradition

And honestly it doesn’t surprise us that Kate was keen to get amongst some Australian wildlife with her wee boy before she swept off to the ball. 

She is in fact following in her late mother-in-law’s footsteps as Princess Diana famously began calling a toddler Prince William by the nickname “Wombat” following their royal visit to Australia in 1983.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan also have an enthusiasm for our local fauna. They have a couple of Taronga Zoo baby koalas named after them and of course, their very first baby gift was given to them by Australia and it was … a (toy) kangaroo!

Kate and George tweet


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