Jess from The Block shares how café saved her from wrath of a screaming toddler

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The adorable and super popular Jess from The Block just shared a random act of kindness type update on the pair’s Instagram account, and it’s giving everyone the warm and fuzzies, and sparking the sharing of similar tales of goodness.

Cranky toddler vs unexpected mum squad member

Norm and Jess are parents to two cute kiddos and Jess often uses Insta to share stories from the parenting trenches.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Jess explained that she had a cranky toddler and had run out of milk. She turned to Uber Eats in an attempt to keep the peace.

In her update – which was not a sponsored post – she explained how things played out … and thanked her local cafe.

“Ran out of milk for our toddler, no car, screaming child, tired mamma Jess!” she wrote on Instagram. “Ordered a milkshake on Uber Eats … In the notes said, just put milk in it. I have a screaming toddler etc.”

I mean. Genius innovating, Jess. We’re all taking notes. So what happened next was that someone from the cafe – a lady and fellow mama named Lucia – stepped up to help Jess. At no cost. Not only that, she went above and beyond.

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“Lucia rang me, said to cancel the order and from one mother to another she’s sending over a carton of milk and do I need anything else!!” a very relieved Jess continued.

“This isn’t a paid ad, just an appreciation for good people! You saved us tonight Lucia! Looooooooove ya!!!!! ” she wrote, tagging her post with “what a legend”.

“Been there!”

Jess and Norm’s Instagram followers could not get enough of Lucia’s bolstering kindness – and some shared similar stories.

“My local pizza place sent the kids over extra pizza when I put in the notes I was too sick to get out of bed,” one follower posted. “They rang me and brought over juice and stuff for me at no charge.”

“Many years ago,” another follower wrote. “Jehovahs knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to buy their mags. I told them I didn’t even have money for milk for my coffee. An hour later they returned with 2 litres of milk. There are good people in the world.”

“Mums supporting mums!” someone commented, cheering Lucia on. “Your ‘village’ doesn’t always have to be family. Good karma for Lucia!”

“Amen to Lucia,” another mum posted. “Been there and I wish she was around when I was racing in my pjs thongs and pram to the shops at 6.30am lol.”

Bless you, Jess. Thank you for sharing this – and lots of other brilliant bits of being a mum. (See below!)


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